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Multi-awarded with innovation- and ecological prizes:

Pioneering np-Liquid Glas technology

The green future of the packaging industry: How Liquid Glass marches into battle against plastic waste

The ban on many disposable plastic products such as plates, straws, cups and thin plastic bags is not the only reason why both consumers and manufacturers need to rethink. With a life span of more than 450 years, each piece of plastic waste adds to the daily growing problem we have to conquer, as the earth and the oceans are slowly drowning under gigantic piles and carpets of waste.

An environmentally friendly alternative that even made it into space

The perfect solution to the problem would be a natural product that is free of toxic substances, 100% degradable and able to coat paper, cardboard, or wood-packaging with a layer that protects the material against liquids, smells, or gases.

This is where the unique np-Liquid Glass technology made by the German company nanopool comes into play: The coating is based on silicon dioxide and has already proven its applicability in many sectors such as the food industry, health care and even in aeronautics. Nearly all surfaces can be coated with an ultrathin layer as a long-term protection against humidity, dirt, corrosion, and other influences, without changing the visual appearance, hand-feel, or smell of the refined material. Even bacteria cannot adhere anymore. The food safety of this technology has already been confirmed by accredited institutes.

This makes the solution applicable for all utilization within the packaging industry. Whether it’s for egg cartons, paper straws, or fast food-boxes, the np-Liquid Glass technology stabilizes and provides hydrophobic and oleophobic features to packaging of any kind.

 nanopool GmbH has been awarded for „Die grünen Helden®“ as GREEN BRAND Germany 2018/2019/2020/2021

The worldwide novel, water-saving product line for household “Die grünen Helden®” has been awarded as GREEN BRANDS Germany.

Saskia and Sascha Schwindt first received the certificate from Norbert Lux, the initiator and CEO of the GREEN BRANDS Organisation at the BIOFACH 2019, world’s leading trade fair for biological food.

The brand has already been re-certified for 2020/2021.

GREEN BRANDS awards trademarks of daily life, which embed responsible treatment of nature in their way of working and producing.
The awarding of the GREEN BRANDS quality seal is done on basis of a world-wide unique, 3-level process: nomination – by market research, denomination by NGOs, associations, media-partners or jury-members. Validation – by scientifically prepared list of criteria, the status on the GREEN BRAND Index is determined by experts. Jury decision – final evaluation of validation analysis and final instance to acceptance of the award.
The quality seal “GREEN BRANDS” confirms the high ecological quality demand of a trademark and serves as guidance for consumers. The quality seal gives a safe indication of a responsible way of working and producing of a company and thus is a very good guidance for selection, respectively decision.

With “Die grünen Helden®”, nanopool GmbH succeeded to make the experience from industrial and trade products accessible to end-consumers. On surfaces, protected with “Die grünen Helden®”, dirt and bacteria hardly adhere and those surfaces can be easily cleaned with clear water, without adding chemicals. This is a great relief for nature, as all cleaning agents get into the waste water and so considerably harm the natural ecosystem, by harming a huge part of the waste-water bacteria which are badly needed for the biological waste water cleaning.

Joint forces for sustainability!