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You can’t see, smell or feel it – but the effects are measurable!

Our environmentally friendly barrier protection gives organic and inorganic surfaces fascinating new properties:

One technology - manifold solutions!

The NP® technology naturally forms an ultra-thin, functional barrier layer on almost all organic and inorganic surfaces, which creates intelligent new features. The variety of possible uses is almost endless.

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What is NP® Liquid Glass?

Our ultra-thin NP®-coating does neither change the surfaces optically, haptically, nor regarding their breathability. It cannot be perceived with the naked eye and it has been proven to be fully biocompatible, which means it can even be applied on and inside of the human body. This makes the variety of its applications nearly infinite. NP® Liquid Glass is based on silicon dioxide – SiO2 in short – a substance that can naturally be found in quartz sand. It provides organic and inorganic, as well as absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces with super-phobic properties. Whether it’s water or oil, soil or microorganisms: adhesion is naturally reduced so significantly that cleanliness and hygiene improve permanently while the need for abrasive chemicals is decreased. This preserves the environment and reduces both time and financial resources.

Which surfaces can NP® Liquid Glass be applied to?

The short answer is: To nearly any surface! Whether it’s natural stone, textiles, plastic, glass and ceramic, wood, metal, paper or paperboard, or even the human skin or plant seeds: Our technology is individually adaptable and due to its clinically proven harmlessness it can be applied in almost any imaginable scenario. 

In which industrial sectors is NP® Liquid Glass deployed?

Let’s put it this way: “Impossible” is no part of our vocabulary! Again and again, new fascinating application fields evolve within the scope of our research as well as during our collaboration with partners and customers. Among others, we have realised successful projects in:
  • health care
  • home
  • administration
  • automobile
  • building- and monument-protection
  • clothing
  • food
  • transportation
  • hotel and catering
  • retail
  • agriculture
  • solar energy
  • furniture
  • construction
  • wellness- and recreational facilities
 … the list goes on and on and it most probably includes a branch that goes along with your request.

What does NP® Liquid Glass protect surfaces against?

The passive effectiveness of our alcohol- or water-based technology is highly effective against the adhesion of soil and microorganisms, water, oil, and other substances. Still, the breathability of the coated surfaces fully remains! Beyond that, various active agents can be added to the product matrix. Just get in touch with us! Together we will find – or develop – the perfect solution for you. 

Who are your solutions intended for?

We stand by the side of trading partners, industrial customers, as well as private users:
  • Our private label product development adds a unique range of customisable solutions to your portfolio.
  • Ready-to-use products in large containers as well as concentrates support your fabrication process towards a highly optimised product.
  • Furthermore, we provide a variation of products for the application in your home, your private car, or in the office.

Future oriented

To see how our work has always attracted favourable attention of environmental and scientific awards, analysts, scientists, and the media reinforces our efforts to keep developing our technology.

We are looking forward to open up new application fields and we will be pleased to do so with you.

Get in touch now.

And how does it all work?

The unique NP® barrier layer is comparable to an ultra-thin glazing of the surface. However, this intelligent functionalization for surfaces of all kinds is flexible, cannot chip off, has been proven to be biocompatible (i.e. it can even be used on and inside of the human body) and cannot be perceived with the bare senses.
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Natural protection = protection coming from nature

We believe that hygiene and safety must go hand in hand with the protection of our environment for a wide variety of people’s lives. Our natural barrier protection is sustainable in four different ways!

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Joint forces for sustainability!​

What customers say about our technology

Latest News:

Packaging-journal reports on award-winning paper coating

The plastic-free NP® application for sustainable packaging solutions was recognized as “Best of New Materials” with the Green Product Award 2022.
The specialist magazine packaging-journal reports on the innovation in an article.


Silver Green World Award for sustainable agriculture

Nanopool’s environmentally friendly barrier protection technology has been awarded another Green World Award: The UK-based “Green Organization” presented the Silver Award for the NP® application which protects and strengthens plants. With the help of the bio-compatible barrier layer, organic agriculture with less crop loss becomes possible.

Sustainable Development Goals: Interview in "Visions for Europe"

With its sustainable barrier protection technology, Nanopool GmbH recently won the SDG Award from the EU Tech Chambers in category 15: “Life on Land”. The 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations are global goals that are intended to serve a better and more sustainable future for everyone worldwide.
The magazine “Visions for Europe” has published an interview with Nanopool Managing Director Sascha Schwindt who talks about the cost-efficient implementation of GreenTech applications and gives interesting insights into how NP® technology can support companies and institutions in achieving their sustainability goals in a wide variety of areas from water – and CO2 savings to the avoidance of plastic.


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