The nanopool story: Changing the way we live

Part 1:


The value of “values”

We are proud to say that we are a very modern organisation which adheres to what some may call “old fashioned” values. As a family run company we encourage tradition, respect for all, and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Since our founding in 2002, we have always been conscious of our great responsibility. Our sense of responsibilityis linked to the massive significance of nano-technology (our core competence), and its continued development.

Our ground-breaking technology and resultant products have already revolutionised many aspects of the surface coating industry, and, due to their great versatility, these ultra-thin layers will change many aspects of the world that we live in. Maintaining this focus on continued development is a daily challenge, a challenge which we relish.

Our highly proactive ethos also allows us to address market needs at an early stage and thus we are able to develop sophisticated and safe solutions, using highly efficient processes. It is important to note that all of our products are tested by leading independent testing agencies.

We aspire to change the world for the better by offering high quality products which enhance the world that we live in.

nanopool® – changing the way we live.

Our core competences

Core Competence

The core competence of nanopool GmbH is the production and development of functional layers on different surfaces.


ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality
awarded by opinions and Awards several times.
patented quality


Services on site
wage coatings
Surface protection systems


User / technician for Liquid Glass Systems Technology (IHK)
IHK – certificate course

International videos about NP® Liquid Glass Technology (surface protection system)












  • NP® protected textile surfaces in the healthcare sector: sensational microbiological results without the use of biocides! nanopool targeted to improve the protection against infectious diseases and multi-resistant hospital germs. In case of the increasing medical- nursing tasks in hospitals and other institutions, established measures in......

  • Worldwide, termites cause considerable damages on timber and buildings. The huge danger of damages by termites is that they are often noticed very late. The affected wood appears unharmed on the outside although it is eaten up on the inside. The alleys made by the......

  • The church „Parrocchia Pentecoste”, built in 2016, is situated in an area of Milan, which is struggling with graffiti. Therefore, the parish was looking for a solution to protect the facade of the church against graffiti and weathering. The invisible graffiti protection from NP® brought......

Please note

We received again information that there are products offered for purchase by dealers / distributors on the international market, illegally using our brand names. Those companies are illegally using marketing material and company videos of nanopool GmbH to create the impression at their customers that they are partner of Nanopool.
Nanopool GmbH solely distributes via their authorised partners as thus, the originality, the service and consulting is ensured. If you are purchasing products at one of our authorised partners, you can be sure that you receive the 100% Nanopool quality made in Germany.