The future of nanopool is green

The company has been awarded with the golden Green Apple Award for the most innovative and environment-friendly products of the year.

The company Nanopool gmbH based in Hülzweiler/Germany received the golden Green Apple Award in the House of Commons in London on 9th November 2007. This internationally accepted environmental award is promoted by the British government. Companies, developping effective and ressource-saving products and solutions for the market maturity, are worldwide nominated for this award.

The company based in Saarland/Germany has been awarded with the golden Green Apple for the most innovative and environment-friendly product. The Managing Directors Mr. Sascha Schwindt and Mrs. Lilly Schwindt accepted the award together with the UK Product Manager Mr. Neil McClelland. The award has been handed over by the internationally accepted environment researcher and author Prof. David Bellamy .

During his award statement Bellamy pointed out the need of the feasibility by today´s standards in order to disburden actively the environment. The Nanopool products are a proof for the fact that economical and ecological aspects can be perfectly combined.

The products, based on ultrathin layers for the modification and functionalization of surfaces, are universally usable. The whole nanotechnology deals with the change of physical, chemical and biological characteristics of a material generated by nanoscaled structures. A human hair is about 50.000 times thicker than a nanometer.

The products refined by nanopool are currently applied as antimicrobial coatings in hospitals and in the food industry. They serve as surface protection of boxes and aggregates in silos and other manufacturing plants and improve the flow ratio of turbine wheels and turbocharger blade wheels. A coating of wine corks leads to a prevention of the so-called “corked” wine. Complete kitchens, bars, tables, floors and sanitary facilities are antimicrobially refined in the hotel and catering industry, which leads to 40% less costs and time of the cleaning. The green heroes exist also for the household area.

Managing director Sascha Schwindt valuates the award accordingly:

“This distinction with the golden Green Apple Award 2007 is a great honour and the confirmation, that we are on the right path with our innovative developments and our environment-friendly effective products.” The different products leads to sustainable effects and methods of resolution concerning subjects like energy saving (e.g. vessels, truck and car motors), water protection (discharge of sewage plants), air pollution control (improvement of filter technique), protection of resources (wood preservation, economy of water).

Product manager UK of Nanopool sees in the award also a regional locational advantage: “This award has a major importance for Nanopool in the English market. Environmentally friendly technologies have a great importance in England and each organisation wishes to apply this kind of technology.”

Mr. Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege,President of the greatest European non-party environmental initiative of economy (B.A.U.M. e.V. sees the importance of the award also for Germany: “We are glad about this award, because it underlines that our member Nanopool can contribute sustainably with its products and solutions also to the latest German environmental discussions.”

As Sascha Schwindt notes: “This award is confirmation that our work and a commitment to the environment is recognised as being highly significant. What is more, we are constantly developing other variants of our technology and these new variants which will continue to contribute to environmental protection for decades to come.”


np-unternehmen-grne-zukunft-endversion-1The future of nanopool is green