Nanopool‘s liquid glass technology protects McDonald’s restaurant

“An environmentally friendly surface treatment based upon state of the art nano-technology reduces maintenance costs up to 40 %.”

For the first time nanopool GmbH has protected surfaces of a complete McDonald’s outlet in Salzburg. When treated with nanopool’s liquid glass layer all surfaces become easy clean and anti-microbial. Soiling agents no longer stick to the surface, and additionally the ultra thin layer ( 5,000 times thinner than a human hair) protects against mildews and bacteria, thus cleaning cycles can be reduced up to 40 %.

The McDonalds branch in Salzburg has benefited by having the following surfaces treated: window glass, gallery partitions, vinyl flooring, porcelain, stoneware, tiles, plastic and ceramic surfaces in the toilets, stainless steel kitchen surfaces, flooring in the kitchen and a range of tables. The advantages of the NP treatment are very important for the owner of this McDonald’s branch, as Mr. Josef Klingler notes, “hygiene is our top priority. With nanopool we have found a partner, that offers us this security.”

NP-nano-technology is ideal for use in the hotel and catering industries as well as the household. The technology offers exceptional environmental benefits and is most definitely not associated with atomic robots, which tidy the household like modern electronic Brownies. The invisible layer of glass may be undetectable to everything other than an electron microscope but the effects of the layer are clearly visible because most soiling agents simply glide off the surface.

Food preparation surfaces, can be treated with the NP technology in a few seconds the result being the ideal combination, an easy clean, non staining, and hygienic surface. (Additionally the nano-layer is available in anti-bacterial form, for surfaces which require enhanced hygienic protection, such as like a toilet seats or surgical instruments.

Even the application of the nano-layer is easy. Simply apply the liquid with a spray or wipe then buff for a few seconds. The treated surface is now protected for many months.

The NP nano-layers are not only totally environmentally benign when applied but additionally they are completely recyclable, as the liquid glass is derived from sand and so completes a natural cycle.

All nanopool products are stringently and extensively tested by a wide range of external laboratories and institutes, and so we are proud to say that there is no doubt that nanopool GmbH leads the world in the creation, testing and application of ultra thin layers.


Nanopool‘s liquid glass technology protects McDonald’s restaurant