A revolutionary breakthrough for the packaging industry


The international finance and economics journal CFI honours the NP Liquid Glass technology as Europe’s best green alternative innovation 2020

London, UK / Schwalbach, Germany, 30th July 2020

“Without hesitation” – to quote the words of the Capital Finance International (CFI) judging panel – the company Nanopool has been awarded “Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020”.

Emphasis was laid on the “revolutionary breakthrough” in the field of ecological packaging. The sustainable NP protection coating in fact gives biodegradable materials such as paper and cardboard hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. In addition, the technology confers other protective features such as mould inhibition or anti-odour effect and soon also antiviral protection. The effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus has already been confirmed by medical-technical scientists.

Cardboard as a new super packaging: NP protection is the key

Until recently, possible designs and application perspectives for paper-based packaging were inevitably limited by the characteristics of the surface as well as its the respective coating. The NP Liquid Glass technology, however, offers flexible surface protection in two respects:

  • NP Liquid Glass can be easily applied on packaging of any size or shape, offering manufacturers a completely new design freedom.
  • Secondly, the effectiveness of the protective coating can be supplemented with extra functionality at any time. A few months ago, the main challenges were protecting paper and cardboard from humidity, oil, odours and gas. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, virus protection has become another pressing issue.

To cope with this market change, Nanopool has initiated antiviral protection tests. Since the effectiveness of Nanopool technology against the SARS-CoV-2 virus has now been confirmed by scientists, in the future the protective agent can be incorporated into the matrix of the NP product without the need to modify it.


Flexible and innovative like a smartphone

“The principle is similar to the way a smartphone works”, explains Sascha Schwindt, Managing Director of Nanopool. “Our basic product matrix itself gives a very high performance, just like a smartphone does in its default factory state. It provides surfaces with repellent properties against humidity, dirt, and microorganisms. By the way, this treatment does not change the appearance, feel, or breathability of the material. And just like a smartphone can be used in an even more individual and personalized way by downloading apps, our basic technology can be supplemented with various active agents. This makes our solution very versatile, which is an important competitive advantage – because who knows which challenges we will have to face in the years to come!”

This opens the way for the packaging industry when it comes to expanding into new fields of application. At the same time, NP Liquid Glass meets the latest environmental protection requirements:


Plastic-free and environmentally friendly: Return to the natural cycle after using it

By adding metals or plastics such as aluminium or polyethylene, conventional coatings transform a biodegradable material – paper – into a composite material, which must therefore be disposed of as special waste.

NP Liquid Glass, a true all-round coating, is based on silicon dioxide, abbreviated as SiO2, an element found in natural quartz sand. This means, any biodegradable packaging can still be recycled without hesitation after being coated with NP Liquid Glass.

Considering that customer expectations for sustainability and legal regulations regarding plastic waste are constantly increasing, this is a clear advantage for any manufacturer in the food sector, logistics, or any other industry. International trading companies have already recognized this benefit and indicate great interest in optimizing their packaging materials with the award-winning NP protection.


Reasonably priced and easy to apply

Since its founding in 2002, Nanopool has received numerous awards for the environment, innovation and economics. In the official announcement of the last prize, the CFI judging panel points out that NP Liquid Glass is both easy to use and affordable even in regions of low spending capacities. Production and distribution can be carried out on site through a local partner, which economizes transport, reducing the costs of the entire process and making it even more environmentally friendly.

For further question about the versatile application fields of the NP Liquid Glass coating please contact Nanopool at info@nanopool.eu or stampa@nanopool.it

About Nanopool
The Company nanopool® GmbH, located in Schwalbach/Germany, is an innovative family business. Since 2002, it belongs to the businesses which deal with nanotechnology in the surface refinement field.

The company nanopool® has accomplished to develop a surface refinement for nearly every field of application. This innovation will have a positive impact on many facets of work life.

All of the company nanopool® products are based on the state-of-the-art scientific insights of nanotechnological research. The effectiveness of the with environmental award honoured, food-safe products was tested by accredited research laboratories and supported by certificates.

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