Virus Load: The End of the Windmill Fight

Weeks before the planned handover of defeated US President Donald Trump to his successor Joe Biden, an extraordinarily thorough deep cleaning of all areas in the White House was announced. Although Biden and his team are meticulous about the wearing of masks, in view of the numerous infections with COVID-19 within the old government, also smear infection should be ruled out.

Official reports on the announced cleaning campaign cite that the virus can survive on surfaces for several days. However, this disinfection will only remove remaining Trump-era viruses and bacteria from the White House. Should an infection occur in the team, among the relatives or future guests of Biden, the viruses can spread like wildfire in the building despite previous treatment.

Because disinfection has a retroactive effect. And the problem does not only apply to the presidential seat, but to every clinic, every office, every public transport, and of course every private household: Disinfecting again and again, solely at the risk that SARS-CoV-2 viruses or other germs could have settled on a surface since the last cleaning is a fight against windmills.

Time to rethink!
It’s a bit like the old saying about a fish feeding a person for a day compared to teaching this person how to fish …

Instead of just combating existing microorganisms – which by then can multiply without disturbance – it is much more sustainable to both disinfect surfaces and equip them with the ability to self-disinfect in the future.

This is made possible by a surface protection in which the disinfecting agent is firmly embedded. With the help of the contact principle, microorganisms are inactivated over a long period of time immediately when the surface is touched. Not only is there no new settlement of viruses and bacteria, but they can also no longer multiply.

What sounds too good to be true has long been a clinically confirmed reality with Bacterlon®. Practical long-term tests in health facilities have shown that a coating with Bacterlon® reduces the exposure to microorganisms for months, even if the protected surfaces are only cleaned with hot water.

And also the effectiveness of 99.99% against SARS-CoV-2 has already been officaially confirmed.

The protective layer is so ultra-thin that it cannot be perceived with the bare senses.

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