Why long-term protection is the clever alternative to disposable gloves


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, they have adorned the new streetscape in a questionable way: disposable gloves that, together with mouth and nose covers, are thrown into public rubbish bins in the better case, and directly onto the street in the worse case. They are used to protect against smear infection, for example when pushing the shopping cart, when touching handrails and seats in buses or trains or door handles and light switches in public buildings and offices.

Certainly, a sensible measure when we consider that under favourable conditions COVID-19 pathogens, but also numerous other viruses and bacteria, can survive for many days on surfaces such as plastic, metal or textiles. Nobody can safely assume that the surfaces we come into contact with every day will be fully disinfected or even self-disinfected.

Gloves provide insufficient protection against infection

This, however, is a major problem with gloves: They protect our hands from SARS-CoV-2 viruses and other germs, but not the surfaces we touch with these gloves. A tickling hair is enough and in an inattentive moment you stroke your face. We touch purses, car keys, handbags and many other items that we continue to use after the train ride, after shopping, or after seeing the doctor.

But even if we carefully disinfect anything we have touched, disposable gloves are not a universal solution: What if no gloves are available? What if the material is not tolerated? Or what if a waste-saving alternative is sought?

Can’t the whole system be rethought completely?

Safe and invisible protection against viruses and bacteria

A protection like an invisible “glove” which produces neither skin irritation nor rubbish and that can be worn all day without impairing the sense of touch would be ideal. It would be perfect if this “glove” was so repellent to viruses and bacteria that when touching contaminated surfaces they could not settle on the hand.

Rethinking in this topic means: Instead of putting on a real glove with protective properties, we’d better equip the hand with these capabilities!

This is possible with a dermatologically completely harmless protective liquid, which, like an invisible “glove”, lies so ultra-thinly on the skin that the layer cannot be perceived with bare senses.

Repellent to microorganisms and gentle on the skin

NP® Glove replaces the physical glove by giving the skin germ-repellent properties that prevent viruses and bacteria from attaching themselves. The layer lasts all day, even if the skin is washed several times with soap or is disinfected with conventional products. It even offers additional skin protection against drying detergents.

That protects the skin, the surroundings and the environment!