Resource-saving hygiene in the supermarket: Long-lasting protection even during the peak virus season!

A large supermarket chain relies on liquid glass from Nanopool for the health of its customers and staff

Italy/Germany 2022

As gingerbread and autumnal decorations make their way into supermarkets, the cooler and wetter weather also marks the peak season for many viral illnesses. Both corona and influenza pathogens lend an unsightly side to the cosy time of year, when retailers must actively safeguard the health of their clientele and staff alike. In order to sustainably increase hygiene safety in its supermarkets, a large retail chain is now successfully using the permanently germ-repellent coating technology Bacterlon®.

When staff absences due to Corona and influenza illnesses push companies to their limits and customers again reduce their stay in supermarkets to the bare minimum, an effective solution to easily achieve the highest hygiene standards is worth its weight in gold. In addition to protection through face coverings, contact surfaces also play a key role. However, increased cleaning and disinfection cycles tie up valuable resources in a time-consuming and cost-intensive way, because the constantly repeated cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces is a veritable Sisyphean task: A new settlement and spread of germs is possible at any time, especially during the virus season autumn/winter.

A large supermarket chain in Europe is therefore rethinking the issue of hygiene safety and, as part of a pilot application, is tackling the root cause of smear infections: preventing the adhesion and spread of microorganisms on surfaces. This is made possible by an ultra-thin functional barrier layer with which the German family-owned company Nanopool is pursuing an approach that is both effective and resource-saving: 

The high-performance coating Bacterlon® gives surfaces germ-repellent properties and is sustainable in two senses: On the one hand, the protective coating has an extraordinary durability, on the other hand, Bacterlon® makes surfaces so highly repellent to dirt and germs that cleaning with only warm water has been proven to be sufficient to achieve clinical hygiene standards. Thus, Bacterlon® allows for a significant reduction in the amount of cleaning agents used while increasing hygiene. There is no danger in touching the treated objects, because neither the coating itself nor the long-term active substances embedded in it can detach from the surfaces.

Safety for customers and staff

In a first step, test areas in a branch of the European food retailer were coated with Bacterlon®. The retail chain’s managers had the corresponding areas tested for bacteria both before and after treatment. An independent laboratory found that the detectable bacterial count was not only many times lower after the treatment than before, but that it had even dropped significantly again about six weeks after the coating. The long-term effect of Bacterlon® was thus proven once again: Bacterial proliferation was reduced by up to 99% thanks to the easy-to-apply coating.

After these positive results, the supermarket chain decided to expand the treatment on a large scale: All shopping trolley handles, but also portable product scanners, refrigerator handles, touch screen self-service checkouts, fruit and vegetable scales, the PVC butcher’s door in the staff area as well as tables, beverage dispenser and microwave in the public refreshment area are now coated with the long-lasting Bacterlon® protection.

Worthy of imitation: Well-being through safety

This not only offers a significantly increased health standard, but also a sense of safety for customers and staff, as the supermarket branch has equipped all treated surfaces with information notices about the Bacterlon® hygiene treatment. The resulting increased well-being of customers will most certainly play a relevant role in the choice of supermarket in the region in the future.

Further information about Bacterlon®:

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