Liquid glass puts an end to mold infestation once and for all in all areas!

The patented NP® technology from Germany enhances indoor air quality, ensuring hygiene, health, and quality of life

Germany / Dubai, 2022

Mold in offices, hotels, residential buildings, or public structures such as shopping malls is a persistent problem due to high humidity and warmth, impacting the health, quality of life, and the reputation of businesses. A permanently reliable solution to prevent the formation of dangerous spores has been lacking. However, now an internationally operating company from Germany presents a long-term protection system, honored with numerous scientific awards, which renders existing mold harmless and prevents the emergence of new infestations once and for all! So-called liquid glass is the game changer for business, administration and individuals.


Mold removal has only provided temporary relief so far

A climate with high humidity levels of over 70% combined with warm temperatures inevitably leads to mold formation. These harmful microorganisms spread on walls, ceilings, sofas, as well as on joints and seals.

While professional mold removal can eliminate mold from surfaces, it does not prevent re-infestation since the climatic conditions remain unchanged, allowing new patches of mold togrow again. Additionally, conventional cleaning methods pose the risk of invisible mold spores penetrating deeper into walls or ceilings. Even if only a few spores remain, they will quickly multiply, restarting the problem anew.


Risk to health and business

Whether in hotel rooms, swimming pools, workplaces, or at home, exposure to mold has serious health consequences for individuals. Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases can develop when the spores enter our lungs through the air. Infants, young children, and older adults, in particular, suffer greatly from mold infestation.

Air conditioning systems, in particular, are often additional sources of spreading these harmful microorganisms. In the hospitality industry, this health hazard also results in damage to the reputation, jeopardising the entire business. The keyword “mold” in a hotel review can quickly deter guests from other climatic zones from making a booking. A permanently reliable solution for all types of surfaces is therefore urgently needed!


Liquid glass against mold

To permanently tackle the problem, the foundation for mold spores to settle and multiply must be eliminated. The company Nanopool has developed a method that optimises surfaces of all kinds, whether it’s concrete, plastic, rubber, or textiles, in a way that harmful microorganisms can no longer adhere to them, nor can they feed on or multiply.

The magic word is “liquid glass.” Due to its specific surface properties, glass provides little surface area for microorganisms to adhere to and spread. Nanopool has succeeded in developing a liquid using the glass raw material silica dioxide, abbreviated as SiO2, which forms a barrier layer on surfaces of all kinds, comparable to an ultra-thin glass coating, permanently repelling mold spores. The coating can even bond flexibly and stretch with textile surfaces.


Proven effectiveness

The effectiveness of this method has been demonstrated in numerous studies conducted by experts, as well as in practical customer applications. For example, in a supermarket in Germany, approximately 2.500 square meters of indoor ceiling surfaces were coated with the NP® coating. Comparative swab tests on the coated surface showed only 2 mold spores per 28,3 cm², while the untreated surface exhibited a dangerous growth of mold. This result is particularly significant as the remaining spores on the NP® liquid glass layer have no basis for further reproduction and spread.

This method also provides sustainable protection for climate and evaporation systems in all areas. For instance, in the vicinity of an industrial butcher shop, the drip tray of an evaporator was treated with the NP® technology. Previously, a harmful biofilm regularly formed on the surface of the collected liquid, but after treatment, the system was classified as germ-free, significantly improving the quality of indoor air.

Additionally, numerous environmental and scientific awards attest to the functionality and safety of this solution. In the healthcare field, for example, the NP® process was recognised as the national winner in the Science category by “Land der Ideen” (Land of ideas) for the application “Liquid glass against hospital germs.” Similarly, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK acknowledged the NP® technology as a smart solution against surface contamination in the clinical sector.


Making existing mold permanently harmless

Another advantage of the patented coating process is the ability to seal contaminated surfaces in such a way that even deeply entrenched growth within the material can no longer cause any harm to health. The materials permeated by mold are permanently glazed using NP® technology. This reliable and safe sealing stops both the multiplication and the release of spores, preventing microorganisms from entering the air we breathe. The liquid glass layer effectively encapsulates otherwise hard-to-remove microorganisms (e.g. black mold).

Due to its unique structure, the liquid glass barrier cannot peel off. The protective layer remains durable and can be easily painted over with wall paint. The solution has been proven to be completely safe for humans, the environment, and surfaces. The application is as simple as spraying it on.


An international solution, now available in the United Arab Emirates

anopool now offers a permanent, reliable, and safe solution for mold control, making it easy and affordable to achieve hygienic indoor environments in industries, administrations, and private settings.

After numerous successful implementations in Europe, Asia, and South America, the NP® mold protection is now being introduced as a solution in the United Arab Emirates. Interested parties can directly contact Nanopool and obtain information about local sales partners:

For further inquiries about the various applications of NP® protective coating, the company based in Schwalbach, Germany, is readily available:


About the company:

nanopool® GmbH, based in Hülzweiler, is an innovative family-owned company. Since 2002, it has been among the companies engaged in nanotechnology in the field of surface coating.

nanopool® has succeeded in developing surface coatings for almost all application areas. This innovation will positively transform the working life in various ways.

All nanopool® products are based on the latest scientific knowledge from nanotechnological research. The effectiveness of these award-winning, food-safe products has been tested by recognised research laboratories and certified with official certificates.