The Revolution in Food Hygiene: Bacterlon® 

In today’s world, where sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important, we are excited to introduce a breakthrough in food hygiene: Bacterlon®. This blog post shares impressive results from practical applications and highlights the significant cost-saving potential of this innovative technology.

The Study: In a supermarket with its own bakery and butcher shop, Bacterlon® was tested over a period of two months. Weekly swab testswere conducted on a surface coated with Bacterlon® and an uncoated surface in the meat processing department.

The astonishing results? On both cleaned surfaces, the germ count was within the allowed range, even though the Bacterlon®-coated area was only cleaned with warm water.

The Impact: By reducing the need for aggressive chemical cleaning agents, Bacterlon® decreases the chemical burden on our water. This leads to less polluted water in our treatment plants and can help reduce CO2 emissions associated with the production and transportation of these cleaning agents.

The benefits go even further: The study shows that the supermarket chain can achieve annual savings of around 38,500 euros per store by using Bacterlon®. After deducting the initial costs, the savings amount to around 45,000 euros over five years.

The Conclusion: Bacterlon® offers significant cost-saving potential, not just in terms of costs but also in terms of our environment. It shows that sustainability and efficiency can go hand in hand.

Practice has shown that the effectiveness of NP technology has been tested and proven in a joint effort by cleaning agent manufacturers, their laboratories, supermarkets, and cleaning companies. This collaboration has enabled the impressive results we see today.

We call this the WIN-WIN principle between customer and supplier. Bacterlon® makes it possible!

If you have further interest in the technology, its application, and the opportunities for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to take your hygiene standards to the next level.