Revolutionising foot health through innovation: NP® Glove and Bacterlon®


In the world of sports, it’s often the small things that can make a big difference. We all know how important it is for athletes to focus on their performance without neglecting their health. This is where our latest innovations come into play: NP® Glove and Bacterlon®.

NP® Glove is an invisible skin protection, tested by experts and approved by dermatologists. This innovative solution not only provides easy and long-lasting protection, but it also helps athletes to maintain their foot health and enhance their performance.

We’ve previously touched on the experiences of a renowned doctor from South America in earlier posts. She referred to NP® Glove as a kind of sensation in the medical world, reporting that she has had no skin reactions since using NP® Glove. Such feedback shows us how effective NP® Glove truly is.

In collaboration with Bundesliga players, we’ve taken another step towards better foot health. We coated their shoes and socks with our Bacterlon® technology, known for reducing sweat odour and shortening drying time. The results were astonishing!

The combination of NP® Glove and Bacterlon® is causing a true revolution in the sports industry and contributes to the improvement of well-being and performance of athletes. Stay tuned to learn more about our latest innovations and their impact on the world of sports.