Prevention, Cost Efficiency, and Environmental Protection: Our Contribution to Sustainable Transformation in the Wellness Industry

When we launched our innovative swimming pool technology more than a decade ago, our goal was not only to improve pool care, but to transform the entire wellness industry. From baths and saunas to tanning beds and other areas, particularly in hotels and holiday parks, we aimed to provide a sustainable and long-lasting solution for all polycarbonate and similar surface materials.

One of our most notable accomplishments is the successful application of our technology to various surfaces and materials in wellness facilities. Polycarbonate surfaces are constantly exposed to cleaning and disinfection processes that can cause stress cracks. Our innovative solution prevents the formation of these cracks, thus tripling the lifespan of these surfaces. This is a significant advancement as the maintenance and replacement of these surfaces can incur high costs.

Our technology, which operates with just one application, has sustainably changed the area of wellness care. With improved water quality, reduced chlorine requirements, and an overall enhanced wellness experience.

But what particularly distinguishes our technology is its longevity. Unlike conventional methods that need to be reapplied after a short period, our solution remains effective even after years. This has earned us the trust of many operators across the wellness industry, from local swimming pools to hotel chains and large holiday parks.

Today, we are proud that our technology is being used in many different areas, helping to make the wellness sector more sustainable and efficient. But we are not resting on our laurels. Our dedicated team continues to work on the further development of our technology and the exploration of new areas of application.

If you want to learn more about our technology or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to shaping the future of the wellness industry together with you. Stay tuned to follow our latest developments!

In our next blog post, we want to focus specifically on the impact of our technology in the hotel industry. Our solutions have been deployed in a variety of successful projects, from renowned hotels to university facilities, and have proven that they can meet the needs of these establishments. We look forward to sharing our success stories with you and showing how we are shaping the future of the wellness industry.