Smartwatches and fitness tracker: Resilience against disinfectants and the Innovative solution from Bacterlon® 

In the era of digitalisation, #Smartwatches and #FitnessTracker have become an indispensable everyday item for many. They track our activities, measure our vital signs, and even remind us to drink enough water. But like any technology, they have their pitfalls – especially when it comes to #Hygiene.


Alcoholic solutions and strap material

According to a recent study from August 2023 by Florida Atlantic University, 95% of smart and fitness watchbands could be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. The obvious solution? Regular #cleaning with disinfectants. However, a recurring concern for many users is the durability of their straps with frequent contact with alcoholic solutions. These solutions, although effective against bacteria, can impair certain materials with regular use, making them brittle or altering their colour.


Bacterlon® : The dual defense

This is where #Bacterlon®  comes in, an innovative solution from Nanopool GmbH. Coating with Bacterlon®  not only protects the surface of the bands from wear and damage from cleaning agents, but also has an inherent dirt- and germ-reducing effect. This means users don’t have to resort to strong disinfectants, thereby extending the lifespan of the band while ensuring a high level of hygiene.



In a world where #HygieneTech and technology increasingly intersect, it’s important to find solutions that address both aspects. Bacterlon® demonstrates how innovations can help protect our health while ensuring the longevity of our #favourite technologies. It’s a prime example of how science and technology can work hand in hand to make our daily lives safer and simpler.