Change in childcare: Bacterlon® technology as the key to reducing contagion risk in nurseries

The health of our children is our most treasured asset, and ensuring their safety and well-being in nurseries is of utmost priority. Given the fact that pathogens can spread quickly in such facilities, the need for effective hygiene measures is indisputable. This is where the innovative Bacterlon® technology comes into play, holding the potential to revolutionise the hygiene standards in our nurseries.

A study supported by a health department has confirmed the effectiveness of Bacterlon®. Over a long-term study (360 days) in a care home, the technology achieved a significant reduction in germs. This prompted a public entity to take immediate action and implement Bacterlon® in its facilities, a testament to how seriously the issue is taken and how effective the solution can be.

Despite its proven effectiveness, the widespread adoption of Bacterlon® in nurseries faces financial challenges. However, this should not result in the protection of our children taking a back seat.

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