NP® surface protection system – allows design using new materials

Nanopool GmbH’s core competence is the manufacturing of ultra-thin layers, which are invisible with the bare eye. The ecological protective system suits for protection of already constructed (finalised) buildings, respectively already installed surfaces, as well as for application on new materials which can be coated and thus protected already before installation.

Due to the NP® surface protection system, designers, architects and construction engineers are now much more flexible in choosing surfaces (design materials), since NP® offers the possibility of giving those materials new additional functionalities. This applies to outdoor applications (e.g. protection against corrosion, fingerprints, graffiti and adhesion of dirt, algae or moss) as well as to indoor applications for providing fingerprints, adhesion of dirt and bacteria spread.

The internationally awarded NP® surface protection system is resource saving, improves the conservation of value of objects and buildings significantly reduces the maintenance costs.

The NP® surface protection system offers you individual combination possibilities and system variety

Studies confirm the gentle effect of hydrophobicity of sandstone. The diffusion permeable NP® surface protection system does not penetrate into the depth of the stone, thus there is no risk of water accumulation or water saturation, the reason for an absanding of the stone in frost-dew changes or a contour scaling.

Expert assessment confirms the effectiveness for more than 100 frost-dew changes, UV weathering, permeability and salt resistance.

Also suitable for sensitive areas

  • Restorations and conservation of monuments
  • Archaeological excavations
  • Conservation of ancient value