Highest award received at the Green Product Award 2022

Out of 1,500 submitted projects from 56 countries, Nanopool asserted themselves in the multi-stage process of the Green Product Award 2022 and won the highest award for their sustainable surface functionalisation of paper and natural fiber products: “Best of New Materials”.

Since 2013, the international Green Product Award has recognised products and services that excel in design, innovation and sustainability.

“I believe that only together can we create a world in which the seas are filled with fish and not with garbage. This is the future I wish for my children,” said Sascha Schwindt, Managing Director of Nanopool during the award ceremony in Munich.

Silver Green World Award for sustainable agriculture

Once again, Nanopool GmbH has received a Green World Award for their environmentally friendly NP® Liquid-Glass Technology. The UK-based Green Organisation awarded the company Silver for their application in sustainable agriculture. “We are delighted that the approach of our technology, which is sustainable in so many ways, has again been recognised by a competent jury and received the Green World environmental prize,” says Sascha Schwindt, Managing Director of Nanopool. The prize recognises the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology to protect and strengthen plants, and to help achieve more organic farming with less crop loss.

Nanopool wins the EU Tech Chamber’s SDG Award 2021 in Category 15: Life on Land

The 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations are global goals that are intended to serve a better and more sustainable future for everyone worldwide. The European Technology Chamber (EU Tech Chamber) promotes these concerns of the UN with the announcement of the SDG Awards in the corresponding 17 categories.

With its technology designed to conserve resources and reduce environmental toxins, Nanopool GmbH won the public vote and thus the award in category 15: Life on Land.

The environmentally friendly NP® Liquid-Glass Technology for organic and inorganic materials physically protects surfaces from the adhesion of unwanted substances and microorganisms. For seeds, plants and crops, the ultra-thin, biocompatible barrier layer leads to significantly higher crop yields while protecting biodiversity through less toxic substances in the ecosystem.

Golden Green World Award 2020 - Nanopool becomes Green World Ambassador

Nanopool won Gold in the innovation sector of the Green World Award 2020 with its environmentally friendly packaging solution.

With its award-winning packaging protection technology, an ultra-thin protection barrier makes it possible to produce 100 % plastic-free and at the same time 100 % compostable packaging. For this, the company was awarded Gold at the “Green World Awards 2020” by the internationally operating Green Organisation.

As part of winning the golden “Green World Award for environmental best practice”, the company was also named a Green World Ambassador for proven environmental best practices. Nanopool thus joins a group of well-known “Green World Ambassadors” from earlier years, including the McLaren Group, Toshiba Tec UK and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Nanopool was the first company to receive the award for ultra-thin layers. In the past, the NP® solutions have repeatedly received the Green Hero and Green Apple awards from the Green Organisation.


Nanopool is Europe's Best Green Alternative Innovation 2020

Among other things, it was because of the revolutionary development of environmentally friendly and food-safe packaging, the economical production of NP® liquid glass and its proven effectiveness in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 pathogens, that the jury of the CFI.co Sustainability Awards honored Nanopool with the prize “Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020 “.

The official announcement states that “further promising developments” can be expected from the visionary family company.
The CFI Awards program recognises individuals and companies that offer real added value through best practices to the international economy

CFi Award Best Green Alternative Innovation 2020
CFi Award Best Green Alternative Innovation 2020 Nanopool

Green Brand 2018/19 • 2020/21 • 2022/23

GREEN BRANDS awards trademarks of daily life, which embed responsible treatment of nature in their way of working and producing.

The quality seal “GREEN BRANDS” confirms the high ecological quality demand of a trademark and serves as guidance for consumers. The quality seal gives a safe indication of a responsible way of working and producing of a company and thus is a very good guidance for selection, respectively decision.

The decoration has already been re-certified twice for four following years all together.

Managing directors Saskia Lokermans-Schwindt and Sascha Schwindt received the certificate from Norbert Lux, the initiator and CEO of the GREEN BRANDS Organisation at the BIOFACH 2019, world’s leading trade fair for biological food.

Land der Ideen: Honoured for “Liquid Glass against hospital germs”

In November 2011 the NP® application “Liquid Glass against hospital Germs” won the innovation prize “Land of ideas” and prevailed over projects of Max-Planck-Institute for neurological research and the Fraunhofer Institute for environment and safety engineering.

National winner "Land of ideas" in the science category

„Often the tiniest things are those that cause immense changes and also set new standards for our health thanks to innovative technology.”
“Now, this company starts a lifesaving revolution in the healthcare sector: They invented Liquid Glass which gives resistant MRSA germs hardly any chance. This is almost a blessing for the increasing number of hospital patients that contract those hazardous germs.”
Laudatio Nanopool – winner category science.

From left to right: Holger Lösch, chairman of the supervisory board of „Deutschland – Land der Ideen“, Sascha Schwindt, managing director at nanopool GmbH, Jürgen Fitschen

Frost & Sullivan: Best Practice Award for antimicrobial nano coatings

Nanopool has a leading position in the field of antimicrobial nano coatings 2010 according to Frost & Sullivan analysts.
Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognise companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.
Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

NHS Smart Solutions Awards

Within a study of the British National Health Service (NHS), a series of highly contaminated surfaces have been coated with the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology in different hospitals, to reduce the load of hospital germs without adding any active substances. At the end of the evaluation period it has been proven that the grade of contamination of surfaces treated with the liquid glass barrier layer in the clinical area was significantly reduced in comparison to the untreated test surfaces and provides an improvement of the efficiency and effect of the cleaning.

Green Hero

Ultra-thin layers lead to yield increase. The Jury explains that the decision is based on the following arguments: Protection of resources, reduction of chemical aggressive cleanser and environmental toxins, saving of drinking water.

Green Apple Award

For most environmentally friendly product.
Mr. Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege,President of the greatest European non-party environmental initiative of economy (B.A.U.M. e.V. www.baumev.de) : sees the importance of the award also for Germany: “We are glad about this award, because it underlines that our member Nanopool can contribute sustainably with its products and solutions also to the latest German environmental discussions.

Green Apple Bronze Winner

Protection of ressources and the environment.The judges commented: “Nanopool’s research and development of nano layers has lead to many novel products and solutions. Their imaginative work with organic materials such as crop seeds and wine corks has directly lead to massive improvements in crop yield and health, and virtually eliminated the spoilage of wine by “corking”.”