Innovative solutions for today and tomorrow: Bacterlon® functional surface coatings by Nanopool®

In a world that’s constantly confronted with new challenges, particularly in the context of global health crises, the need for innovation in functional surface coating is clear. Nanopool®, a company specialising in the development of innovative surface technologies, presents Bacterlon®, a forward-thinking solution aimed at addressing current and future challenges.


Bacterlon®: more than conventional surface coatings

Thanks to its patented matrix, Bacterlon® goes well beyond traditional disinfectants. Our technology works at the root of the problem: preventing the spread of pathogens. This principle enables an effective response to current and future threats by breaking infection chains at various points.

Sustainability and efficiency through Bacterlon®

A key aspect of our work is sustainability. The innovative Bacterlon® technology offers an ultra-thin coating that repels dirt and water while also possessing antimicrobial and virucidal properties. This results in a significant reduction in the use of cleaning chemicals and water, which is not only environmentally friendly but also economically advantageous.

Prof. Dr. med. F. Daschner, former director of the Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygiene and founder of the viamedica foundation, clarifies the mode of action of Bacterlon® in an expert report. He explains how its superphobic effect repels germs:

Bacteria are not individually lying on the surfaces and objects but agglomerated and often swathed in dirt particles. By cleaning, i.e. dirt removal, thus a huge part of bacteria is removed from surfaces and objects. If one invents, tests and get a product ready for the market that reduces the adhesion of bacteria and simultaneously facilitate cleaning, then one have made a great step forward in the battle against bacteria and for protection of the environment by such a combined effect. Because, the less water, cleaning agents or disinfectants are necessary for cleaning, the better it is for the environment. All cleaning agents and disinfectants get to the waste water, where the harm a huge part of the waste water bacteria that are essential for the biological waste water cleaning.

With Bacterlon®, the company Nanopool succeeded inventing a product that combines improvement of hygiene and environmental protection. Using Bacterlon®, objects and surfaces can be protected so that microorganisms can barely adhere and dirt, along with microorganisms can be removed considerably better.

Nanopool, like scarcely and other company does, thoroughly tested Bacterlon® for all purposes and have it certified by authorised bodies. Bacterlon® is foodsafe, food toxologically harmless, physiologically harmless, and skin and mucosa friendly, proven by Roat test. Bacterlon is biocompatible and passed the skin irritation test and the sensitisation test as well as the test for cytotoxicity successfully.

To sum up: From my point of view as a hygienist and expert in environmental medicine, Bacterlon® is a new and innovative product, especially also for use in clinics that interlinks the progress in hygiene with the advantages in environmental protection.


Diverse application areas and proven efficacy

Bacterlon® is a multifunctional protector for a wide range of surfaces. From medical facilities to commercial enterprises and private homes, Bacterlon® provides sustainable protection. Our technology is flexibly adaptable to new challenges, such as novel bacteria or other microorganisms.

Production plants

In production facilities, Bacterlon® helps to maintain high hygiene standards and prevent the spread of germs.

Healthcare and nursing facilities

In hospitals, nursing homes, and similar facilities, preventing infections is of the utmost priority. Bacterlon® makes an important contribution here.

Meat cutting plants

In meat processing plants, Bacterlon® ensures a safe and hygienic environment.


Bacterlon® helps to ensure that customers and employees in supermarkets are protected.


In high-traffic areas such as airplanes, Bacterlon® ensures that surfaces stay clean and free of microorganisms.

Public transport

In high-traffic areas such as public transportation, Bacterlon® ensures that surfaces stay clean and free of microorganisms.

Fitness and wellness centres

Fitness studios and wellness centers benefit from the hygienic effect of Bacterlon®.

Public buildings and offices

Offices and public buildings stay clean and hygienic with Bacterlon®.

Private households

Bacterlon® can also contribute to creating a clean and healthy environment in private households.

Schools, kindergartens and universities

Educational institutions of all kinds can benefit from the application of Bacterlon®.

The versatility of Bacterlon® shows how extensive its applications are. It is not just a product for specific areas, but a universally applicable tool for improving hygiene and fighting germs.

Summary of the benefits of Bacterlon®

  • Tested and effective against a variety of microorganisms
  • Stable and temperature resistant
  • Suitable for use in healthcare, public spaces, and the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Fully biocompatible
  • No change in the optical or tactile properties of surfaces

Bacterlon® in practice: success stories and proofs of efficacy

The effectiveness of Bacterlon® has been proven in numerous studies. Applications range from clinics and care homes to kindergartens, public areas, buses and trains, as well as the food industry and system catering. These studies demonstrate a significant improvement in hygiene status and an effective interruption of infection chains, in some cases with a germ reduction of over 80%.

Confirmation of the multi-functional effectiveness in industrial companies:

Success story: Application of Bacterlon® in a supermarket chain

Even before the opening, the entire area of the fresh meat counter was refined with Bacterlon®. This included a variety of materials, including glass and stainless steel, floor and wall tiles, stainless steel extractor hoods, and the outer surfaces of roasters, ovens, and sinks. These were cleaned and treated with Bacterlon® technology. Our goal was to facilitate the cleaning of surfaces – ideally without cleaning agents, just with warm water and a cloth.

The result exceeded our expectations: To this day, all surfaces can be wiped down effortlessly and streak-free just with warm water. The use of conventional or aggressive cleaning agents was avoided from the start. Even fat residues, which occur when pouring out the roaster, can be easily and without much effort removed from the treated surface. Tiles and grout are not, as is often the case, coated with a visible layer of grease that can only be removed with a lot of work. The treated surfaces are clear and clean. Furthermore, critical areas in the cold store show no signs of mold in the joints or seals.

Effectiveness proof of Bacterlon® in system catering

A customer from the system catering sector, who is part of a widespread American fast food chain, reports on his positive experiences with Bacterlon® in his restaurant in Salzburg: “Nanopool® has refined all surfaces in our restaurant with a layer. This coating is not only effective and durable, but also antimicrobial. This has significant implications for our business: There is no more dirt adhesion, we have sustainable protection against the adhesion of mold and bacteria, and the use of chemicals in cleaning has been significantly reduced.”

Effectiveness proof of Bacterlon® in a meat processing plant

Our goal was to show that the use of Bacterlon® technology in industrial meat processing contributes to an improvement in hygiene standards. This would create a cleaner working environment and thus positively contribute to the safety and health of employees as well as to the quality of the food. In the slaughter and cutting operations, we treated surfaces and pieces of equipment that need to be cleaned daily with Bacterlon® technology. Instead of the conventional, laborious cleaning with cleaning and disinfection agents, the treated surfaces were cleaned only with hot water (60-65 °C) during the daily cleaning. The use of cleaning and disinfecting agents was completely dispensed with.

The evaluation was carried out by a publicly appointed and sworn expert for meat and meat products. The assessment criteria were based on the regulations for EC meat processing plants according to L 165/52 Official EU Journal:

  • Upon conducting the examinations, it was found that the surface sealing is effective both in terms of optical and biological cleanliness.
  • The optical cleanliness was rated as completely satisfactory after inspection. The germ counts set according to EU regulations were met.


Proof carried out in a German nursing facility

Method: The investigation was carried out in close cooperation with the hygiene specialist and the responsible microbiologist. Selected contact surfaces were treated with the proven Bacterlon® products. The sampling of various contact surfaces took place weekly without prior announcement during regular operations. The cleaning procedure for all treated contact surfaces was adapted in consultation with the responsible hygiene specialist: The treated surfaces were cleaned daily only with hot water (60 °C) and a microfiber cloth, completely foregoing the use of any cleaning agents. The contact surfaces of the control group (untreated), on the other hand, were cleaned in the conventional way with cleaning and disinfection agents.

The results are convincing:

  • It has been proven that Bacterlon®, over a period of 360 days with only a single treatment and daily cleaning of the contact surfaces exclusively with hot water, is capable of effectively breaking infection chains.
  • The effectiveness was confirmed by the external microbiologist PD D. rer. nat. Thomas Jahns.

Effectiveness clinically confirmed

Renowned virological department of a university clinic confirms the effectiveness of Bacterlon® on surfaces against SARS-CoV-2 /COVID 19 virus!

Based on our globally established surface protection, we have developed an extremely effective combination formula with Bacterlon®. It distinguishes itself through its broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity, which is effective against both bacteria (Gram-positive and Gram-negative) and has antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.

Tests conducted by a university hospital during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic confirmed the effectiveness of Bacterlon® surface protection.

Bacterlon® provides long-term preventive protection for all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces and operates on the principle of self-disinfection. This means that viruses and bacteria are inactivated as soon as they come into contact with the protected surface.

The applied protective layer is safe for both humans and nature, it is extremely thin and cannot be perceived either visually or by touch.

Proof of the effectiveness of Bacterlon® in an intensive care unit in Colombo, Sri Lanka: Confirmation of effectiveness even under tropical conditions

Institutions involved:

  • Bacteriological Department, Medical Research Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Base Hospital Homagama, Sri Lanka
  • Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

The aim of the study was to demonstrate to what extent the application of the Bacterlon® technology can make a significant contribution to infection control, especially with regard to resistant microorganisms that have an impact on the incidence of hospital-acquired infections (HCAI) such as MRSA.

The study was conducted under the climatic conditions of the tropics in an intensive care unit (ICU), a hospital ward, and in the laboratory of a medical research center. Over a period of 12 weeks, weekly swab tests were carried out on 19 surfaces. The microbial analysis of these samples revealed that compared to the untreated surfaces, the germ load of organisms such as Enterobacter, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella, MSSA, Escherichia coli, Micrococcus, Coliform, Proteus, MRSA, and Streptococcus was significantly reduced on the surfaces coated with Bacterlon®.

The results of the study show that the hygiene status of the surfaces treated with Bacterlon® was significantly improved. This was the case for both lightly contaminated and heavily contaminated areas. Moreover, it was found that the effectiveness of Bacterlon® even increases over time, which suggests a lasting prophylactic protective coating. This continuously contributes to improving the hygiene status without affecting the clinical procedures!

Proof of the effectiveness of Bacterlon® in a cardiological centre in Germany

Objective: The primary goal of the study was to achieve improved hygiene status in the five operating rooms of the center through the application of Bacterlon® on a variety of contact surfaces – including ceilings, walls, floors, operating tables, diagnostic devices and doors. The monitoring and evaluation of this study were the responsibility of the hygiene doctor and the person responsible for hospital hygiene.

Result: The Bacterlon® technology has proven its effectiveness under the given conditions regarding cleaning and disinfection. This led to the expansion of the project to other departments, including radiology, endoscopy, and surgery. Given the convincing results concerning the effectiveness of Bacterlon®, the chief doctor and clinic management decided to highlight these successes in a presentation for the regional press.

antiviral antimicrobiel protection

Approved and awarded

The Bacterlon® technology has been awarded several times and its high efficiency has been confirmed in numerous tests and practical applications.

Land der Ideen

With their application “Liquid Glass against hospital germs”, Nanopool was named federal winner in the science category. In the final selection round, Nanopool was able to prevail against renowned institutions such as the Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research and the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental and Safety Technology.

NHS Smart Solutions Award

As part of a study by the British National Health Service (NHS), several heavily contaminated surfaces in hospitals were treated with our protective coating to reduce the burden of hospital germs. At the end of the evaluation period, our solution was able to demonstrate a significant reduction in the degree of contamination of surfaces in the hospital area compared to untreated test surfaces, which enabled improved efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning processes.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

According to the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award, Nanopool holds a pioneering position in the field of antimicrobial nanocoatings. The Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award recognises outstanding achievements and excellent work in a variety of regional and global markets.

Bacterlon®: your partner for protection and hygiene

We offer practical solutions for daily use and tailored products for businesses and public institutions.

Particularly in countries with high incidental costs due to customs, local fees, and long transport routes, we offer licenses for the local production of Bacterlon®. This ensures continuous supply while also minimising costs. Discover the wide range of possibilities Bacterlon® offers.

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