antiviral antimicrobiel protection

Effectiveness clinically confirmed

Renowned virological department of a university clinic confirms the effectiveness of Bacterlon® on surfaces against SARS-CoV-2 /COVID 19 virus!

Based on our worldwide established surface protection, we succeeded to develop a highly effective multi-purpose recipe, Bacterlon®. This has a broad antimicrobial spectrum efficacy: (gram-positive and gram-negative) bacteria as well as antiviral effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

The first examinations at a university clinic testing Bacterlon® against the pandemic pathogen SARS-CoV-2  confirmed the effectiveness of the surface protection.

Bacterlon® is a preventive long-term protection for non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces and works like a self-disinfectant, i.e. viruses and bacteria are inactivated when getting in contact with the coated surface.

The applied protective layer is harmless for human and nature, is ultra-thin and cannot be detected by bare senses, neither visually nor haptically.

A forward-thinking solution approach

Those who are not fighting symptoms but causes when solving a problem, act in a forward-thinking way and thus are more than just one step ahead of others!

Even if the world may get on top of the current pandemic, new challenges will come. Experts are talking of about 40 zoonotic viruses which have the potential to cause similar worldwide crises. Therefore it is all the more important to promote solution approaches which are multi-functional and flexibly effective.

Bacterlon® is no disinfectant meant for single viruses, germs or other microorganisms. Bacterlon® is also not limited to challenges of particular applications.

We are rather grabbing the root of the problem, namely the adhesion of harmful organisms on different surfaces and thus we are also depriving them the basis for reproduction.

By this basic principle, we can act in all areas of life and flexibly react in case of acute as well as future, yet unknown endangerments. Only by this, an all-over protection for all human can succeed, that interrupts infection chains at different points.

Our solution approach is far more than a conventional disinfectant or a simple surface coating. The Bacterlon® products are multi-functionally applicable within a comprehensive hygiene plan. Security gaps which may lead to new infections every day, despite diligent protection measures, can be further closed and hygiene regulations can be supported.

Bacterlon®– a major step forward for hygiene and environment

The ultra-thin Bacterlon® Layer coats each individual fiber and thus prevents dirt and water from sticking to the surface. This hydrophobic effect and the antimicrobial components in the protective layer prevent microorganisms from adhering.

In an expert report, Prof. Dr. med. F. Daschner, former director the of Institute für Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygiene and founder of the viamedica foundation, explains how the superphobic effect of Bacterlon® repels germs:

Bacteria are not individually lying on the surfaces and objects but agglomerated and often swathed in dirt particles. By cleaning, i.e. dirt removal, thus a huge part of bacteria is removed from surfaces and objects. If one invents, tests and get a product ready for the market that reduces the adhesion of bacteria and simultaneously facilitate cleaning, then one have made a great step forward in the battle against bacteria and for protection of the environment by such a combined effect. Because, the less water, cleaning agents or disinfectants are necessary for cleaning, the better it is for the environment.

All cleaning agents and disinfectants get to the waste water, where the harm a huge part of the waste water bacteria that are essential for the biological waste water cleaning.

With Bacterlon, the company Nanopool succeeded inventing a product that combines improvement of hygiene and environmental protection. Using Bacterlon, objects and surfaces can be protected so that microorganisms can barely adhere and dirt, along with microorganisms can be removed considerably better.

Nanopool, like scarcely and other company does, thoroughly tested Bacterlon for all purposes and have it certified by authorised bodies. Bacterlon is foodsafe, food toxologically harmless, physiologically harmless, and skin and mucosa friendly, proven by Roat test. Bacterlon is biocompatible and passed the skin irritation test and the sensitisation test as well as the test for cytotoxicity successfully.

To sum up: From my point of view as a hygienist and expert in environmental medicine, Bacterlon is a new and innovative product, especially also for use in clinics that interlinks the progress in hygiene with the advantages in environmental protection.


Versatile applications:

Bacterlon® is already successfully used in the most different fields of application:

production plants

healthcare and nursing facilities

meat cutting plants



public transport

fitness and spa centres

public institutions and offices

Private households

schools, kindergartens and universities

Bacterlon® is a multi-functional protection...

… for organic and inorganic surfaces, applicable – among others – in medical, commercial, industrial and private fields

The highly effective basic formulation of the Bacterlon® technology can be adapted to new challenges at any time, be it new viruses, bacteria or other pathogens. Because our solutions are neither designed for single microorganisms nor limited to specific areas of application, the effectiveness of Bacterlon® against newly emerging germs can be examined at any time and, if necessary, expanded.

Only by this, we can achieve a long-lasting allround protection for everyone that interrupts infection chains of even new and yet unknown microorganisms at different points.

The effectiveness of the matrix can be summed up to the following functions:

  • effective against microorganisms:  (gram-positive / gram-negative) bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses
  • reduced adhesion of dirt, water and oil
  • food-safe
  • breathable
  • biocompatible
  • abrasion resistant
  • no visual or haptical change of the surface
  • temperature resistant

Bacterlon®'s active principle:

Bacterlon® works according the contact principle.
This means, the biocide is firmly embedded in the material or its surface; there is no migration or release of antimicrobial agents. Therefore, a direct contact with the microorganisms is necessary so that the inhibiting or germ-killing effectiveness comes into play.

Confirmation of the multi-functional effectiveness in industrial companies:

Proof of effectiveness at a supermarket chain

Already before the opening, the complete area of the fresh meat counter has been coated with Bacterlon®.  The counter is made of glass and stainless steel, all tiles on the wall and the floor, the stainless steel hood, fronts of the grill, ovens and sinks have been cleaned and treated with the Bacterlon® technology.

Easy cleaning of surfaces, if possible without cleaning agents and only with warm water and a cloth.

Until today, all surfaces can be cleaned streak-free, simply with warm water without any effort. Since the start, the use of conventional, respectively aggressive cleaners can be waived. Even fat residues which are caused by emptying the grill can be removed easily from the treated tile floor without high effort.
Tiles and joints are not, as usual, covered in a visible fat film which could only be removed with high effort. The surface shines clear and clean.
Critical areas in the cold storage do not show any sign of mould in the joints or gaskets.

Proof of effectiveness at system gastronomy

“At our restaurant in Salzburg / Austria, Nanopool® protected all surfaces with a coating”, the customer explains. “This coating is effective, long-lasting and antimicrobial. This means: no more adhesion of dirt. A long-term protection against mould and bacteria adhesion and considerably reduced use of chemicals for cleaning.”

Proof of effectiveness at a meat-cutting plant

The evidence shall be given, if the use of the Bacterlon® technology in industrial meat cutting plants leads to an increase in hygiene standards, thus enables a clean work environment and positively contributes to the safety and health of employees and also guarantees the quality of the food.

At the slaughtering and meat cutting facility, surfaces which need to be cleaned on a daily basis have been treated with Bacterlon®. Contrary to the conventional, time-consuming cleaning using cleaning agents and disinfectants, the treated surfaces were only cleaned with hot water at 60-65 °C during the daily cleaning. The use of cleaning agents and disinfectants were waived.

The assessment was done by the publicly appointed and sworn expert for meat and meat-based products.

The regulations for EC meat cutting companies according to L 165/52 Official Journal EU apply as the basis for assessment:

  • After the examinations, the effect from the point of view of optical and biological cleanliness is given after the surface refinement.
  • The visual cleanliness after inspection can be rated as fully satisfying and the germ counts according to the requirements of the EU met.

Confirmation in health care facilities

Proof of effectiveness carried out in a nursing facility in Germany


The contact areas, which have been selected by the hygiene specialist and the responsible microbiologist, have been treated with the proved Bacterlon® products.
The different contact surfaces have been swabbed once per week, unannounced during standard daily work. The cleaning process for all treated contact areas have been changed in accordance with the hygiene specialist in charge.
The treated surfaces have been cleaned daily, using hot water (60 °C) and a microfiber cloth; the use of cleaning products of any kind could be waived during the whole test period.
The contact areas of the control (untreated) surfaces have been cleaned as usual with cleaning agents and disinfectants.


  • The evidence has been given that  Bacterlon® can effectively interrupt infection chains over a period of 360 days after only one application and by cleaning of the contact areas with just hot water.
  • Effectiveness has been confirmed by external microbiologist PD Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Jahns.

Proof of effectiveness provided in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Colombo/Sri Lanka

Effectiveness of Bacterlon® confirmed, even under tropical conditions

Institutions involved:

Department of Bacteriology, Medical Research Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka; Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka; Base Hospital Homagama, Sri Lanka; Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

The evidence shall be given in which way the use of  Bacterlon® can significantly contribute to infection control, especially towards resistant microorganisms, which have an influence on the incidence of HCAI (MRSA).

The study has been carried out in an intensive care unit (ICU) and a medical ward as well as in the lab of a medical research centre at tropical climate conditions.

19 contact surfaces have been tested using a swab test on a weekly basis (over 12 weeks). The microbial determination of these samples showed that, compared to the untreated areas, the bacterial load of the following germs was significantly reduced on the Bacterlon® protective layer:

Escherechia coli

The evidence has been given that the hygiene status of the Bacterlon® treated surfaces significantly improved. This applies for the low contamination areas as well as for the high contamination areas. It has been noticed that the effectiveness of Bacterlon® even improved with time, so it’s a long-lasting, prophylactic protective coating that continuously contributes improving the hygiene status without influencing the processes in clinical operations!

Proof of effectiveness carried out in a cardiological centre in Germany

At the given conditions, Bacterlon® was aimed to achieve an improved hygiene standard in the 5 ORs regarding cleaning and disinfection by treating different contact surfaces like ceilings, walls, floors, OR tables, diagnostic machines, and doors.

Monitoring and evaluation of this study has been under the responsibility of the hygiene physician and the responsible for hospital hygiene.

The effectiveness of the Bacterlon® technology was confirmed, which led to the expansion of the project to the Radiology, Endoscopy and Surgery Department.
The doctor and the administration of the clinic took the obtained results of the effectiveness of the Bacterlon® technology as an opportunity to present this to the regional press.

Approved and awarded

The Bacterlon® technology has been awarded several times and its high efficiency has been confirmed in numerous tests and practical applications.

Land of ideas

Nanopool GmbH has been awarded the first Federal Champion in the category “Science” for the application “Liquid Glass against hospital germs”. By this, Nanopool GmbH prevailed against Max-Planck-Institute for neurological research and the Fraunhofer-Institute for environment and safety engineering in the final decision within the competition “Land of Ideas”.

NHS Smart Solutions Award

Within the scope of a study initiated by the British National Health Service (NHS), a number of highly contaminated surfaces in hospitals have been treated with our protective coating in order to reduce the burden of hospital germs. At the end of the evaluation period it was shown that our solution significantly reduced the grade of contamination of surfaces in a clinical surrounding compared to unprotected test areas and thus provided an improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

According to the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award, Nanopool GmbH has a leading position in the field of antimicrobial nano-coatings. The Best Practice Award by Frost & Sullivan is an acknowledgement in the variety of regional and global markets for outstanding work and superior accomplishments.

Bacterlon® - the preventive protection for everyone

The product can be used in private everyday life as handy wet wipes as well as in large containers in companies and public institutions.

To ensure the supply for high demand, we grant licenses within cooperations for local production.

Do you want to offer Bacterlon® to your customers as Private Label? That is also possible as well!

Get in touch now and let us find out together how Bacterlon® can support your company and facilitate you daily routine!

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