Company guidelines


Since our founding in 2002, we have always been conscious of our great responsibility. Our sense of responsibility is linked to the massive significance of nano-technology (our core competence), and its continued development.

High-quality own brands, based on patented technology, are nationally and internationally available for production as well as for consumers in retails. The products we manufacture have been vetted by independent institutes and comply the customers’ want for resource-saving, time-saving, non-toxic and user-safe products of good quality.

Due to their great versatility, these ultra-thin layers will change many aspects of the world that we live in. Maintaining this focus on continued development is a daily challenge, a challenge which we relish.

We aspire to change the world for the better by offering high quality products which enhance the world that we live in.

nanopool® – changing the way we live.

Our aspiration

Environmenal protection

We adjust our entrepreneurial activity to the key principles of a sustainable, i.e. economic, ecologic and socially acceptable way of doing business.

Companies are an integral compound of a global, social and ecological system. As such, we bear responsibility for the future of our planet, its societies and the nature. Sustainability thus is part of our company guidelines and corporate objectives.

Realising being sustainable is an on-going process which realisation has high priority on all levels and in all sectors of our company, beyond the legal minimum requirement.

nanopool® – holistic and sustainable


For us, the human is on focus. Not surprising, being a family business that emphasises tradition in the meaning of transferring knowledge and abilities. And, because respect in togetherness and respect for the world in which we live and work influence our daily actions.

We at nanopool® know that high customer satisfaction is the results of engaged employees.

Therefore, we want to be a reliable and responsible employer for our employees.

We treat our employees with appreciation, honesty and attentiveness for a good and motivating work environment.

We achieve our goals together.

nanopool® – together to the top.


Quality is our highest claim. By utmost diligence and commitment, we, at nanopool®, find the individually suitable, customer-specific solution.

By short and efficient processes, we can act quickly and reliably with our team.

Not least because of our ISO certification and our long-term cooperation with institutions and research companies help us to produce a constant quality that complies the highest standards.

nanopool® – protecting our future.


Responsibility for nature

As a company, we have a particular responsibility to preserve the global natural livelihoods and the considerate use of resources through our actions.

The continuous improvement of sustainability of our products, services and processes are the key aspect of our actions. Thereby, we use natural resources and raw material and other goods as efficient as possible and consider the whole value chain including the benefits and the use as well as handling after the products’ service life with the aim to use materials in cycles. We include suppliers and customers in this process.

Responsibility for the society

We are responsible for our employees as well as for the cultural and social togetherness. We espouse the observance of human rights and fair working conditions – also for the employees of our suppliers. We oppose against child labour and other exploitation as well as corruption. We promote and stand up for variety in all social sectors.

Responsibility for the future

Our economic action follows the principle to avoid current, foreseeable risks also assumed for the future for the environment and the society, respectively not even have them aroused. We want to actively co-create the future and use the various chances of sustainable acting.

nanopool® – come and join us.