nanopool® – The Company

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nanopool® GmbH, situated in Schwalbach / Germany, is an innovative family business. Since 2002, they are part of the companies dealing with nanotechnology in the sector of ultra-thin layers with their specialised surface coatings.

Nanopool’s leading role in the sector of high-performance coatings is based on a longstanding experience in material research, textile development and production of systems which are protecting human life and environment.

The technology brand NP® represents the products of Nanopool GmbH. The formulations produced by Nanopool are already successfully in use to protect organic and inorganic surfaces in different sectors, against negative environmental influences or contamination with its highly innovative solutions.

The company sees its obligation in developing extraordinary products, based on innovative and sustainable technologies, which meet the customers’ and users’ requirements worldwide.

With a success record of more than 15 years in developing innovative products, Nanopool stands for advanced engineering science, analytical solutions and on-demand technology. Our strategic field of competence ensures the effectiveness in use in different industries and confirms by its sustainability.