Nanopool® GmbH, based in Hülzweiler, Germany, is an innovative family-owned company that has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of sustainable, high-performance protective coatings for surface functionalisation since 2002.

Our revolutionary technology, based on a multitude of patents, has allowed us to create long-term protection solutions for almost all types of organic and inorganic materials. This protection optimises surfaces by making them more hygienic, durable, and resistant, strengthening their defenses against contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and mould. These improvements are transforming the living and working conditions of people around the globe.

Each product that we manufacture at Nanopool® is based on the latest scientific knowledge and interdisciplinary research. Our products are not only awarded with numerous prestigious science and environmental awards, but also meet the criteria for food safety. Their effectiveness has been verified by recognised research institutions and confirmed by certifications.

Our aim at Nanopool® is to constantly set new standards for sustainable and effective surface protection solutions. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality aims to create safer and more hygienic environments for us all.