Surface protection and durability

The NP® Liquid Glass Technology equips almost all building exterior and interior materials, masonry, monuments, but also construction machinery and applications with a long-lasting protection against undesirable influences such as dirt, microorganisms, moisture, rust, weathering, traces of road salt, graffiti, algae and fungal infestation. The specific properties of the building materials such as appearance, feel and diffusion-openness remain unchanged! The NP® Liquid Glass Technology can be used on absorbent and non-absorbent, on organic and inorganic surfaces of all kinds, including: glass, stone, metal, wood, textiles, plastic, etc.!
The NP® Liquid Glass Technology gives electrical devices and construction machinery repellent properties against dirt, corrosion, rust and other influences, thus ensuring a longer service life and efficiency.
The NP® Liquid Glass Technology increases the long-term functionality of systems for generating energy such as electronic conductors or solar systems, as they are no longer affected by adhering substances such as rust, algae or bird droppings.
Construction industry

Building materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, metal or plastic are functionalised by the NP® Liquid Glass Technology so that moisture, moss and algae, as well as graffiti, no longer adhere to the substrates. This also reduces cleaning effort and the use of chemicals.


Cultural monuments and historical buildings are preserved longer with the NP® protection because they are efficiently protected against weathering, graffiti, algae and other harmful influences. The original appearance is not affected.

Durability and weather protection

Facades of buildings and historical monuments are exposed to a variety of harmful influences all year round: rain and snow, UV radiation, algae, pollution, bird droppings, residues of road salt, but also contamination from graffiti, chewing gums and stickers. Without changing the materials, the NP® facade protection gives surfaces made of natural stone, concrete, brick, glass, metal, wood, but also mineral plaster and silicate paints repellent properties so that harmful influences can no longer adhere. The cleaning succeeds without additional means by pure water. A win for architecture and the environment!

Surface protection in road and tunnel construction

Coating the inner walls of a tunnel can significantly reduce the cleaning effort, especially the use of cleaning chemicals and thus the amount of hazardous waste, since pure water is sufficient for maintenance with the repellent functionalization. In addition, the reflection of the walls is increased by less dirt deposits.


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Our solutions for the protection and preservation
of cultural heritage and historic monuments

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Our solutions have been developed to meet the highest standards in monument conservation. We work closely with architects to understand the specific requirements of each project and offer customised solutions.

We place great importance on preserving the originality and aesthetics of the objects while providing effective protection.

As pioneers in the industry, we prioritise innovation and excellence in the
development of our solutions. Through the use of advanced technologies and materials, we deliver outstanding results that meet the demands of
contemporary monument conservation. Our solutions enable architects to preserve the uniqueness and historical value of cultural heritage and historic monuments while meeting modern requirements.

Your partner for protection and preservation: We take pride in being a trusted partner of renowned architects worldwide. Our extensive experience, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence make us the top choice for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage and historic monuments. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions recommended by renowned architects and join us in the preservation of these unique testimonies of our history.


Building protection

Whether it’s newly built houses or monument listed buildings, whether concrete, sandstone, wood, glass or metal: The long-lasting, ultra-thin NP® Liquid Glass Technology protects against negative influences from weathering, car exhaust fumes, road salt, growth and dirt without changing the look, feel or the diffusion-openness of the building fabric.

Monument protection

Due to their age, cultural assets often need particularly gentle protection against damage caused by snow, UV radiation, general pollution, but also deliberate destruction such as graffiti. It is of central importance here that the nature of the building material must not be changed in terms of appearance or tactile perception. NP® has already been used on numerous valuable monuments worldwide with great success and customer satisfaction.


Tunnel coating

The inner walls of tunnels are exposed to a high level of pollution, especially from exhaust fumes. This layer of dirt greatly reduces the reflectivity of the tunnel walls, which represents a safety deficit. At the same time, cleaning the inside of tunnels with chemical agents means a lot of work, closure times and costs for hazardous waste disposal. All of this can be reduced by protecting the walls with NP®, since dirt cannot adhere permanently to the coating, making cleaning easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.



Unwanted graffiti scrawls on any surface mean a lot of work, expense and hassle. Whether on private houses, public buildings, underpasses, monuments, but also trains, park benches, etc. – the ultra-thin NP® Liquid Glass Technology provides materials of all kinds with repellent properties, so that graffiti or permanent markers can be easily removed without a trace.

Anti-algae & -moss

Where there is moisture, moss and algae quickly settle. And they often leave long-term discolouration, especially on absorbent surfaces such as sandstone. The intelligent NP® Liquid Glass Technology prevents adhesion and thus protects objects of all kinds – not just fountains and monuments, but also, for example, roof tiles, photovoltaic systems and ship hulls.


In many areas, rust has safety-threatening consequences, but at least it has a negative impact on the longevity and efficiency of objects. Electronic conductors, railway tracks, connectors or load-bearing parts of buildings must be efficiently protected against rust. With the NP® Liquid Glass Technology, this is achieved in an environmentally friendly, long-lasting way without optical changes to the surfaces,

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