Hygiene and food safety through NP® Liquid-Glass Technology

Hygiene and food safety hold a central position in the modern food industry. Our innovative NP® Liquid-Glass Technology is at the heart of this revolution, offering optimal solutions for these essential requirements.

Optimal surface treatment for food contact:
Thanks to the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology, all surfaces with direct food contact gain a repellant property. This provides a significant advantage, especially in food processing.

Reduced surface tension, maximum hygiene:
With the ability of the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology to modify surface tension, dirt adheres less strongly. This minimises cleaning effort and significantly reduces bacterial load — an invaluable advantage for food safety.

Custom solutions for the industry:
Depending on the need, the basic formula of the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology can be adjusted with various additives. This allows for tailored solutions for specific industrial requirements.

Success story from the bakery industry:
A renowned company in the bakery industry uses our technology to refine its fermentation baskets used for bread dough. This ensures not only compliance with strict hygiene standards but also efficiently prevents mold formation. The resulting efficiency increases and cost savings due to easier cleaning are unparalleled.

Here are some areas of application:


The innovative NP® barrier layer offers a natural way to strengthen seeds and plants. It keeps germs and pests at bay, without the use of pesticides. This not only protects the ecosystem and biodiversity but also strengthens the plants, leading to higher crop yields.

This sustainable and health-conscious solution in the field of agriculture was recognised with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Award 2021 in category 15 “Life on Land.” As an officially approved plant strengthening agent, the NP® barrier layer provides a responsible and environmentally friendly option for agriculture.

Food processing industry:

Clean production lines are crucial in the food processing industry. However, maintaining hygiene can lead to long downtimes and the use of chemicals. This is where the innovative NP® coating comes into play. Specially developed for surfaces that come into contact with food, this coating offers an environmentally friendly solution.

The NP® coating not only acts antimicrobially, but it also revolutionises the cleaning process. Even hard-to-reach places can now be kept food-hygiene clean with pure water. This significantly contributes to increased efficiency and safety in operations. With this sustainable technology, food processing companies can reduce their ecological footprint while ensuring food safety.

Gastronomy and food hygiene:

In trade and gastronomy, food hygiene and protection against smear infections through contact surfaces are of central importance. Here, the multifunctional NP® barrier layers offer a simple and efficient solution.

Whether it’s baking stations in supermarkets or cake displays in cafes, the NP® coating offers maximum hygiene safety at points of sale for open food and surfaces with high human contact. This food-safe coating ensures a high hygiene standard, reassuring both operators and customers. By using the NP® technology, businesses can raise their hygiene standards without having to undergo complex and time-consuming cleaning processes.

Protection against harmful microorganisms and moisture:

The fully biocompatible NP® coating offers effective protection against harmful microorganisms and moisture. This natural process creates multifunctional layers that preserve both organic and inorganic surfaces from harmful deposits.

The NP® coating successfully prevents the settlement and proliferation of mold and bacteria on surfaces that come into contact with food. It also prevents the penetration of oils, fats, gases, and moisture into coated paper packaging. This powerful yet gentle solution protects the health of humans and animals.

By creating a safe and clean environment, the NP® coating promotes a healthier living and working environment. Its applications are diverse and cover a broad spectrum of uses, from food processing and packaging to agriculture and gastronomy.

What customers and experts say:

“Especially in the hygienic area, the NP® technology has proven itself well. In the past, we used to dust our tilting boards lined with linen cloths for bread roll dough with flour, where moisture often caused mold to form. Thanks to the NP® coating, the tilting boards are clean today. We have also had a dough kettle and a work table refined. This technology should actually be used in the production of the machines. It would save the baker a lot of cleaning work.”

R.H., Master Baker (Germany)

“All surfaces of the butcher’s counter can be wiped clean with warm water without much effort, leaving no streaks, even to this day. There is no need for commercial or aggressive cleaners. Even grease residues, which occur when pouring out the roasting pan, can be removed from the refined surfaces without much effort. Tiles and joints are not covered with a visible layer of fat as usual, which can only be removed with a lot of work. Critical areas in the refrigeration house show no signs of mold in the joints or seals.“

F. B., Division Manager in the food trade (Germany)

“As a provider in the building cleaning sector, we experience several advantages through the use of Nanopool’s technology: The cleaning requirement is reduced by up to 40%, we can offer our services at more competitive prices, our customer relationship is strengthened by warranty promises, the use of aggressive cleaning agents is eliminated, our employees are more motivated, and a win-win situation arises for both the customer and the supplier.“

K. L., Managing Director of a building cleaning company (Germany)

These real-life experiences confirm the value of the NP® technology for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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