Hygiene and food safety

Pests, mould and other plant diseases cause enormous food losses worldwide, both before harvest and during transport and storage. But also food processing companies are faced with challenges, for example in gently combating germs and bacteria. And retail and catering in particular have to walk the tightrope between food hygiene and sustainability when it comes to packaging and presentation.

The environmentally friendly and food-safe NP® barrier layer strengthens seeds and plants, protects against infestation and gives all surfaces with direct food contact repellent properties. We are pursuing a multifunctional approach: bacteria, for example, usually settle on surfaces wrapped between dirt particles. The NP® coating changes the surface tension of contact surfaces in such a way that dirt cannot adhere persistently, which greatly reduces both the cleaning effort and the bacterial load. In this way, we significantly increase safety, especially in food processing companies.

At the same time, various additives can individually be embedded  in the basic matrix, which results in a range of countless possible uses with which we specifically counteract challenges in the food tech sector.


The gentle NP® barrier layer naturally strengthens seeds and plants. Germs and pests are kept away without pesticides, fungicides etc, thus protecting the ecosystem and biodiversity. The plants are strengthened, which has a positive effect on the crop yield. This sustainable and harmless application in the field of agriculture was awarded the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Award 2021 in category 15 “Life on Land”.

Food processing:

Keeping conveyor belts and machines hygienic is a major challenge. A high level of cleaning effort often results in long downtimes and the use of chemical agents. The environmentally friendly NP® coating for surfaces that come into contact with food not only has an antimicrobial effect, it also simplifies cleaning so much that even hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned with pure water in accordance with food hygiene standards. This results in more efficiency and safety in operation.

Sustainable packaging:

With a view to the ever-increasing demands of customers and laws regarding the reduction of plastic packaging, NP® presents a food-safe barrier protection for paper, cardboard and other natural fibers to produce 100% plastic-free packaging. Optionally, the sustainable protective layer can be made antimicrobial and antiviral. This application received the 2020 CFI Award as “Europe’s Best Green Alternative Innovation”.

Retail / catering

Food hygiene and protection against smear infections via contact surfaces play a central role in retail and gastronomy, for which the multifunctional NP® barrier layers offer an uncomplicated and efficient solution. Whether baking stations in the supermarket or cake display in the café: The food-safe NP® coating represents the highest level of hygiene safety for the point of sale of open food and surfaces with frequent human contact.

Protection against harmful microorganisms and moisture

Through a natural process, the fully biocompatible NP® coating forms multifunctional layers that protect organic and inorganic surfaces from the adhesion of harmful substances. Mould and bacteria cannot settle and multiply on surfaces that come into contact with food, nor can oils, fats, gases and moisture penetrate coated paper packaging. The application is gentle for the health of humans, animals, plants and soil.

How does NP® Food Tech work?

The NP® barrier layer for organic surfaces stops harmful microorganisms from accessing the surface directly, so that they can no longer find a basis for life due to the coating. This treatment is completely harmless for the finished surfaces and the environment.


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That's what customers and experts say:

Seed and plant strengthening

Already during the storage of seeds, the bio-compatible NP® barrier layer can make them repellent against germs and pests without the use of fungicides, pesticides etc. Later, during growth, the plant itself is strengthened and e.g. their leaves are protected against mould and other plant diseases such as downy mildew. Additional active ingredients can be embedded in the basic matrix as required.


Contact surface hygiene

From storage rooms and containers to machines used in industrial food processing to product presentation systems in retail and gastronomy: The functional NP® surface coating gives absorbent and non-absorbent materials of all kinds antimicrobial and repellent properties and has been proven to be suitable for direct food contact.

Plastic free food packaging

Selling sensitive goods and food safely in bio-degradable natural fiber packaging without plastic or PE coatings – the multifunctional NP® barrier layer makes this wish for sustainable food hygiene come true. The environmentally friendly coating is characterized by a particularly strong edge protection performance.

Germ and virus protection

Harmful bacteria usually attach to surfaces that are attractive to them. They especially like the environment of a thin film of water. There, they multiply and prefer to feed on dead organic substances. The ultra-thin NP® coating counteracts this in several ways: on the one hand, the surface becomes repellent to dirt and moisture, on the other hand, a barrier is created that denies bacteria and other germs direct access to their source of survival.

Pest control

The greatest difficulty in defending against pests is that many agents are also toxic to beneficial insects such as bees. In addition, every killing of living things leads to an imbalance in the ecosystem, for example when it comes to the role of insects as food for other species. The decline in biodiversity is a momentous result. The environmentally friendly NP® coating keeps pests away in a natural way without killing them as well as the beneficial insects.

Moisture protection

In the food area, moisture can lead to many undesirable outcomes, such as food deterioration and increased mould growth. With the NP® barrier coating, surfaces are equipped with repellent properties against water, oil and fats. In particular, PE-free packaging made from natural materials is becoming an environmentally friendly and at the same time food-safe option.

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