Like an invisible "glove"

Viruses, bacteria, dirt, aggressive liquids, or sweat … The skin is exposed to a wide variety of stimuli and dangers every day.

Not only since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many protective measures themselves also mean stress for the skin:

Frequent use of disinfectants or disposable gloves causes skin irritation for many people. A problem that is part of everyday life for various professional groups – for example in the health or food sector – even before and after the pandemic.

Like a second skin, NP® Glove provides long-lasting protection against microorganisms, environmental influences, and irritation in both professional and private everyday life.

Repellent properties for the skin

NP® Glove gives the skin an ultra-thin, skin-friendly and fully biocompatible protective barrier. This significantly reduces the adhesion of dirt and microorganisms without containing biocidal additives.

The skin feels completely normal:
The unique protective film is neither visible nor noticeable and in no way affects the tactile perception, breathability or transpiration of the skin.

Long-lasting protection:
The invisible protective film lasts up to 24 hours and prevents the skin from drying out. After using NP® Glove, the hands can be washed with soap and even disinfected several times a day as usual.

Multipurpose application

Because NP® Glove gives the skin repellent properties, this invisible “glove” protects against innumerable influences and in almost all conceivable areas of life:

Health and hygiene

Reduced adhesion of microorganisms
Microorganisms can normally settle on the skin through contact with contaminated surfaces, and therefore multiply and spread. This not only endangers health, but also, for example, hygiene in the work place. NP® Glove prevents the adhesion of microorganisms and thus also their spread.

Skin protection in everyday work

Protection against sensitivity to disinfectants, latex gloves, rubber boots, etc.
Frequent use of disinfectants or similar liquids, or physical protection products with little breathability such as latex gloves or rubber boots is necessary in certain professional groups. But in the long term this can lead to irritation of the skin. Pain or the lack of these hygiene measures are often the results. With NP® Glove, the skin is given a protective layer that blocks the aggressive effects of disinfectants.

Relief from skin irritations

Protection of the skin from external triggers in the case of chronic skin sensitivities such as contact dermatitis
Countless people suffer from chronic skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. The fully biocompatible NP® Glove barrier protects the skin from triggering influences and thus leads to less irritations.

Hand cleaning without aggressive agents

Reduction of the adhesion of dirt and oil, easier cleaning of the skin
Dirt and oil usually stick persistantly on the skin, which is why rubber gloves or coarse hand washing paste are often used if there is regular contact, for example at work. Both of these can lead to skin irritation in long-term use. NP® Glove drastically reduces the adhesion of dirt and oil, so cleaning with warm water and mild soap is sufficient.

Odor reduction when sweating

Reduction of the adhesion of sweat bacteria on the skin without affecting the skin breathability
Transpiration, be it during sport, physical work or at high temperatures, often leads to an unpleasant odor. NP® Glove reduces the adhesion of sweat bacteria to the skin and thus counteracts the formation of odor, without affecting the healthy transpiration of the skin.

In daily use

Protective measures that have to be applied regularly or even daily only work in the long term if they do not impair well-being or the usual work processes.

Whether physical items such as gloves or liquid products such as disinfectants: If their use causes work impediment, skin irritation or after a while even pain, the measures are often not applied consistently and there are gaps in hygiene plans.

NP® Glove, on the other hand, does not change the tactile perception or the feel of the skin. The skin protection leaves no unpleasant odor, is easy to use and does not lead to fingerprints – in short: the skin feels completely normal. This leads to a high level of acceptance in daily use.

Proven harmlessness

The dermatological-allergological safety of NP® Glove was verified by means of an epicutaneous test and a ROAT (repetitive open application test) carried out by the dermatologist, allergist and environmental medicine specialist Dr. med. Peter Rein, Dillinen / Saar. It was clearly proved:

None of the test subjects showed irritative or allergic reactions.

Thus, NP® Glove was classified as being very skin- and mucosa-friendly.


Fully biocompatible

In medicine, materials are referred to as biocompatible if they have no negative influence on living tissue in direct contact – neither on nor within the body.

Human biologist, biophysicist, toxicologist and medical chemist Dr. Renaud T. Trouvé confirms in an expert report that the NP® products “have a remarkable tolerance and are all biocompatible, while exhibiting no toxicity”.

Protection against irritation in atopic dermatitis

A doctor from South America reports how she got her problems with her chronic contact dermatitis under control thanks to the protective barrier layer of NP® Glove. Before using NP® Glove, her painful skin irritations had become a daily battle due to the frequent professional use of disposable gloves and disinfectants. The repellent layer of the skin protection reduced the effects of these irritations so much that after a short time she was able to go about her daily work without any problems.

Function tests in practice

A comparison test in an industrial environment was able to demonstrate the high effectiveness of NP® Glove in daily work with machine oil:

In an industrial company in Germany where employees come into daily contact with machine oil, a comparative test was carried out in which test person 1 used the NP® Glove for preventive protection of the hands and test person 2 used conventional skin protection.


Testperson 1 (with NP® Glove)

  • With a dry cloth, the utmost part of the dirt was easily removed
  • Cleaning the hands with conventional household soap: Optimal cleaning was achieved
  • Better cleaning at much less effort
  • No irritation of the skin

Testperson 2 (without NP® Glove)

  • With a drycloth, only the wet residues of the oil were removed: The hands were still dirty
  • Cleaning the hands with washpaste and brush: yet no optimal cleaning was achieved
  • Needed to wash at least 3x longer with wash paste and brush campared to test person 1. Dirt under the nails was not removed
  • The hands showed skin irritation and chapping


With NP® Glove, the hands were clean and felt pleasant. The skin was not irritated.
Untreated: the hands were highly irritated by numerous brushing with the washing paste; the skin was dry and showed chapping and visible redness.


In cooperation with a health welfare association, a comparative test in their care facility was able to demonstrate the high effectiveness of NP® Glove in daily work with disinfectants and body fluids:

In a nursing home in Germany, where employees come into daily contact with various body secretions and disinfect their hands in tight cycles, a comparative test was carried out in which group 1 used NP® Glove to protect their hands and group 2 used conventional protective products.

The germ load on the skin was determined by means of a swab test.


After 24 hours, a significantly lower germ load could be found on the hands of the group with NP® Glove. The tests in the comparison group without NP® Glove showed up to 230% more germs on the 25.5 cm² test area.

NP® Glove is the preventive protection for everyone!

The product can be used both in everyday life and to protect employees in companies and public institutions.

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