Our skin is daily exposed to invisible threats, such as viruses, bacteria, dirt, aggressive substances, or sweat. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the increased use of protective measures, such as frequent use of disinfectants and disposable gloves, has brought additional challenges and stresses for our skin. This is a frequent reality, both during and after the pandemic, especially for those working in fields such as healthcare or the food industry.

With NP® Glove, we offer an invisible “glove” that acts like a second skin. It provides sustainable protection against microorganisms, environmental influences, and skin irritations in both professional and private life.

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Natural protective barrier for your skin

With NP® Glove, we offer an ultra-thin, skin-friendly, and fully biocompatible protective barrier that naturally protects your skin. This barrier significantly reduces the adhesion of dirt and microorganisms, without relying on biocidal additives.

Normal skin feel: Our unique protective film is not perceptible and does not affect your sense of touch, breathability, or your skin’s transpiration.

Long-term protection: The invisible protective film offers up to 24 hours of protection and simultaneously helps to prevent your skin from drying out. After applying NP® Glove, you can wash your hands as usual several times a day with soap, and even disinfect them.

Multipurpose application

Thanks to the protective properties that NP® Glove gives to your skin, this invisible ‘glove’ provides comprehensive protection against numerous environmental influences in almost all areas of life:

Health and hygiene

Protection against microorganisms
Microorganisms, which can settle, multiply, and spread on the skin through contact with contaminated surfaces, pose a threat to health and operational hygiene. NP® Glove prevents the adhesion of microorganisms to the skin, thereby preventing their further spread.

Skin protection in everyday work

Protection against demanding conditions:
Many professional fields require regular handling of disinfectants or similar liquids, as well as the use of physical protective equipment like latex gloves or rubber boots, which often provide little breathability. This can cause skin irritations over time and lead to necessary protective measures being avoided. NP® Glove provides a protective layer that effectively shields your skin from the aggressive effects of these substances.

Irritation protection for skin problems

Support for chronic skin diseases
For the many people who suffer from chronic skin diseases such as eczema, the fully biocompatible protective film of NP® Glove provides a shield against irritating influences and can thus reduce skin irritations.

Hand cleaning without aggressive agents

Resistance to dirt and oil
Dirt and oil, which stubbornly deposit on the skin, often lead to the use of rubber gloves or coarse hand washing pastes in professional daily life. Prolonged use of these means can lead to skin irritations. NP® Glove minimises the adhesion of dirt and oil to the skin, so that usually a cleaning with warm water and mild soap is sufficient.

Odour reduction during sweating

Regulation of sweat production and odour
Excessive sweating, whether due to sports, physical labor, or high temperatures, can lead to unpleasant odours. NP® Glove reduces the adhesion of sweat bacteria to the skin, thereby helping to prevent odour formation, without affecting the skin's natural transpiration.

Optimised for everyday use

Sustainable protective measures that need to be applied daily or regularly are only effective if they do not affect well-being or daily routines.

Whether physical aids like gloves or liquid products like disinfectants, if their use hinders work, causes skin irritations, or even causes pain, protective measures are often not consistently carried out, resulting in gaps in hygiene plans.

In contrast, NP® Glove neither changes the tactile perception nor the skin feeling. It leaves no unpleasant odour, is easy to apply, and leaves no fingerprints – in short, your skin feels completely normal. This leads to a high acceptance in daily application.

Subjective rating of skin protection products:


Proven safe for the skin

The dermatological and allergological safety of NP® Glove has been clearly demonstrated through a patch test and a repetitive open application test (ROAT). The tests were conducted by Dr. med. Peter Rein, a dermatologist, allergist, and environmental physician from Dillingen/Saar.

None of the tested subjects showed irritative or allergic reactions. Therefore, NP® Glove was awarded a certificate confirming its excellent tolerance for skin and mucous membranes.


Fully biocompatible

In medicine, materials are referred to as biocompatible if they have no negative impact on living tissue with which they are in direct contact – whether on the body or inside the body. Dr. Renaud T. Trouvé, a human biologist, biophysicist, toxicologist, and medicinal chemist, confirmed in an expert opinion that the NP® products “demonstrate remarkable tolerability and are fully biocompatible, without any toxicity emanating from the products.”

Relief for atopic dermatitis

A doctor from South America shares her experiences with the protective barrier of NP® Glove in the fight against her chronic contact dermatitis. Before using NP® Glove, her painful skin irritations due to the occupational frequent use of disposable gloves and disinfectants had become a daily challenge. The protective layer of NP® Glove minimised the effects of these irritants so significantly that she was able to resume her daily work without discomfort in a short time.

Practical performance tests

The extraordinary effectiveness of NP® Glove was confirmed in a comparison test in industry where the product was used in daily work with machine oil:

In an industrial plant in Germany, where employees handle machine oil daily, a comparison test was conducted. Here, subject 1 used NP® Glove for preventive hand care, while subject 2 resorted to conventional skin protection products.


Subject 1 (with NP® Glove)

  • The majority of the dirt on the hand could be simply removed with a dry cloth
  • Optimal cleaning results were achieved with normal household soap
  • The hands were completely clean
  • No skin irritations occurred

Subject 2 (without NP® Glove)

  • A dry cloth could only remove still moist oil residues, the hands remained predominantly dirty
  • Even when using hand washing paste and brush, complete cleaning could not be achieved
  • The hands had to be washed at least three times longer and with harder means than subject 1, yet dirt residues remained under the fingernails
  • Skin irritations occurred and the skin cracked


Thanks to NP® Glove, subject 1 was able to show clean and pleasantly cared-for hands after a day’s work in industry, despite gentle cleaning methods, while subject 2 complained about redness and burst skin areas.

Effectiveness tests in care facilities

In collaboration with a health and welfare organisation, the effectiveness of NP® Glove was demonstrated in a comparison test under real working conditions. This test took place in a care facility where staff come into contact with various body fluids on a daily basis and regular hand disinfection is required.

During the test, group 1 used NP® Glove for hand care, while group 2 resorted to conventional protection products. To evaluate the results, the bacterial load on the skin was determined using contact plate tests.


After 24 hours, the hands of the group that had used NP® Glove showed a significantly lower bacterial load. In comparison, the contact plate tests of the group without NP® Glove on the respective 25,5 cm² test areas indicated a bacterial load that was up to 230% higher in some cases.

NP® Glove - The preventive protection for everyone!

Whether in personal daily life or for the protection of employees in companies and public institutions – NP® Glove offers comprehensive prevention for all.

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