Combating multi-resistant germs has the highest priority in healthcare. It is of paramount importance that medical instruments, surgical tools, and prostheses are not only protected against harmful microorganisms but also maintain their integrity against bodily fluids and disinfectants.

With Nanopool®‘s NP® Liquid-Glass Technology, we set standards:

Human Safety:
The NP® Liquid-Glass Technology is safe for contact with humans. It does not cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, or other health issues.

Environmental Protection:
Our technology is environmentally friendly and ensures that there are no negative impacts on nature or water bodies.

Material Integrity:
When applied to different materials, the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology does not compromise their structure, function, or durability.

The outstanding effectiveness of our technology against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms is confirmed by prestigious science awards and independent medical reports. Moreover, the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology has been approved for use in numerous hospitals in Germany, other European countries, and under tropical conditions for clinic applications.

Trust in Nanopool® and experience the future of hospital hygiene today.


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Antimicrobial / antibacterial

The NP® protection is an effective means of measurably reducing the adhesion of microorganisms, making it an indispensable component in hygiene-sensitive areas. Its antimicrobial properties promote sterile contact with blood and body tissue, thereby increasing the safety and efficiency of your work. Long-term practical tests over more than 360 days in a care facility have demonstrated the convincing effectiveness of our technology. After treatment with NP® protection, the germ load on contact surfaces that were cleaned only with warm water was significantly lower than on untreated surfaces. Discover how NP® protection can help you achieve and maintain the highest hygiene standards. Trust a technology that has proven itself in practice.

Resistance to mechanical and chemical influences

The NP® protective layer offers remarkable durability, even under intensive cleaning and sterilisation processes. This protective layer permanently protects surfaces and instruments in the hygiene area from wear and tear. This contributes to extending the lifespan of your equipment and enhancing the efficiency of your work. Despite its high resilience, the coating is so ultra-thin that it is not perceivable to the naked eye. The NP® surface protection firmly bonds with the carrier surface, without chipping off. Discover how the NP® protective layer can help you maximise the longevity of your equipment while also preserving the environment. Trust a technology that has proven itself in practice and is also environmentally friendly.


In highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, care facilities, and kindergartens, the harmlessness of hygiene products is of central importance. Our NP® solutions meet this requirement brilliantly, as several biocompatibility studies prove. Both the patch test and the Repetitive Open Application Test (ROAT), conducted by a dermatologist, allergist, and environmental physician, confirm the high skin and mucosal tolerance of our products. Discover NP® solutions - safe, compatible, and effective in sensitive environments. Trust a technology that has been examined by experts and found to be good.

Safety meets sustainability – NP® Liquid Glass

NP® Liquid Glass offers a safe and effective solution that is also resource-saving and cost-reducing. Our technology is based on an ultra-thin physical barrier layer that successfully repels microorganisms by denying them the opportunity for adhesion and reproduction.

By optimising the hygiene status, NP® Liquid Glass not only reduces the cleaning effort but also minimises the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. This leads to a significant relief of our environment.

In addition, NP® Liquid Glass is absolutely safe for humans and the environment. It is based on silicon dioxide (SiO2), a natural component of quartz sand, and can therefore be easily returned to the natural cycle.

With NP® Liquid Glass, you rely on a solution that is both effective and environmentally conscious and cost-efficient. Discover how we connect safety and sustainability.

Proven and award-winning: NP® Liquid Glass

The outstanding effectiveness of the patented NP® Liquid Glass barrier layer has been demonstrated in numerous clinical tests and practical applications and has been widely recognised.

In the prestigious “Land der Ideen” competition, our NP® technology with the project “Liquid Glass against hospital germs” was able to hold its own against strong competition. It impressed against projects from the Cologne Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research and the Oberhausen Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental and Safety Technology, and was crowned the federal winner in the science category.

NP® Liquid Glass also proved its strengths in a study by the British National Health Service (NHS). Highly sensitive contact surfaces in hospitals were treated with our product to reduce the burden of hospital germs. The results were impressive: The Nanopool technology was able to significantly minimise the contamination of surfaces in the clinic area compared to untreated test surfaces. This led to a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning.

Trust in NP® Liquid Glass – a technology that has proven itself and is recognised by experts.

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