Efficiency and hygiene

In order to produce goods in an efficient and resource-conserving way, it is essential to reduce the maintenance effort and the associated downtimes of production systems and machines. Furthermore, companies can improve their ecological footprint if less chemical agents are required for cleaning and maintenance while at the same time devices achieve a longer service life.

Germ contamination, the results of corrosion such as rust, patina formation and embrittlement, as well as the effects of weathering on the outside and other influences reduce the functionality, efficiency and service life of machines, sensors and other important parts of the production chain. The smart NP® technology counteracts this and protects surfaces of all kinds for a long time.


Functionalization of machine parts for more efficiency, hygiene and longevity: The NP® barrier layer gives surfaces made of metal, plastic, rubber, glass etc. repellent properties against dirt, corrosion and other influences and thus increases their service life and performance.


Surface protection of solar systems, electronic conductors, etc. The NP® coating increases the long-term functionality of systems for energy generation, since they are no longer impaired or even damaged by adhering rust, dust, algae or bird droppings.


In order to conserve resources and the environment, smart sensors automate the needs-based control of processes such as temperature regulation or traffic control in many areas. The durable NP® barrier layer reduces maintenance cycles and increases the service life of these systems.


The transport of material and staff can contribute to significant savings in resources through more efficiency and longer service life of the vehicles. The reduction of dirt adhesion also plays a decisive role on rails and signals.

UV and abrasion resistant barrier protection

Although the functional NP® coating is so ultra-thin that it cannot be perceived visually or haptically with the bare senses, it bonds so strongly to the surface that it remains abrasion-resistant for a long time even under heavy use. The coating is also characterized by long-term stability and does not change in its properties when exposed to influences such as UV radiation, moisture, dryness or freeze-thaw cycles.

Material protection against wear and environmental influences

The possible uses of NP® surface functionalization are diverse and can master various challenges …


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That‘s what customers and experts say:

Product safety​

Increased hygiene in production also improves the quality and safety of the goods. In addition, schedules can be sticked to more reliably and production processes can be better planned when less maintenance-related downtime is required.

Contact surface hygiene

From storage rooms and containers to industrial food processing machines: The functional NP® surface treatment gives all types of absorbent and non-absorbent materials antimicrobial and non-stick properties and has been proven to be suitable for direct food contact.

Staff health

Not only NP®‘s repellent properties against germs in order to keep contact surfaces more hygienic during production, but also the fact that fewer chemical agents are required to clean machines and system devices and therefore fewer harmful vapors are released, improves the health and safety of staff.

resource protection

Due to the reduced adhesion of dirt and microorganisms, the hygienic care of the surfaces is easier, even without chemical agents, and with the use of significantly smaller amounts of water. This conserves the valuable resources of fresh water, time and manpower. At the same time, less waste water is produced and therefore less disposal effort.

Moisture protection

In industrial production environments, moisture can lead to unwelcome effects in many respects, such as damage to the goods, corrosion on machines and increased mould growth in operation. The NP® barrier coating provides surfaces with repellent properties against water, oil and fats. This increases product safety and the health of employees.

Germ and virus protection

Harmful bacteria usually attach themselves to surfaces that are attractive to them. They prefer the environment of a thin film of water. There they multiply and feed on dead organic substances. The ultra-thin NP® coating counteracts this in several ways: On the one hand, the surface becomes repellent to dirt and moisture, on the other hand, a barrier is created that denies bacteria and other germs direct access to their source of survival.

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