Efficiency and cleanliness in industry

In the modern industrial world, resource management and optimised production efficiency are of paramount importance. One of the keys to increased efficiency in industrial manufacturing lies in minimising maintenance efforts and reducing downtime of machines and production facilities. One way to achieve this is by using advanced protective technologies like the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology.

Why NP® Liquid-Glass Technology?

Contamination, corrosion, material wear, and weathering are just a few of the challenges that industrial machines and facilities face daily. The NP® Liquid-Glass Technology acts as a protective barrier, not only repelling these harmful influences but also reducing the use of chemical cleaning agents. This has the dual advantage of extending the equipment’s lifespan and minimising the company’s ecological footprint.

 Benefits of the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology in industrial production:

  • Protection against contamination and corrosion: The NP® Liquid-Glass Technology forms a resilient layer that protects machines and sensors from harmful influences.
  • Reduced maintenance effort: With a reduced need for cleaning and maintenance products, companies can save on maintenance time and costs.
  • Extended operating times: The protective barrier of the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology leads to fewer downtimes and an overall increased production efficiency.
  • Ecological added value: With the reduced use of chemicals, companies make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

For companies looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive industrial landscape, the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology is an indispensable tool. It combines production efficiency with sustainability, ensuring long-term success.


Increase the lifespan and performance of your machines with the NP® barrier layer. This innovative coating provides metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and more with resistant properties against dirt and other strains. The NP® technology helps to enhance the efficiency and hygiene of your machines, extending their lifespan. The NP® technology is your key to more efficient and sustainable operation.

Energy and electronics protection:

Boost the longevity and efficiency of your energy and electronics systems with the NP® coating. From solar panels to electronic conductors – our innovative coating offers effective protection against harmful influences like rust, dust, algae, or bird droppings. This enhances the long-term functionality of energy-generating facilities, extends their lifespan, and avoids potential damages. The NP® technology: Your reliable partner for the protection of energy and electronic systems.

Sensor protection:

Smart sensors are essential for demand-driven control of processes like temperature regulation or traffic control. To conserve resources and the environment, the use of our NP® barrier layer is recommended. It extends the life of these systems and reduces their maintenance cycles. Make your sensors more durable and efficient with our innovative technology.

Transport efficiency:

Whether material transport or passenger transportation – our NP® technology contributes to the efficiency and longevity of your vehicles, allowing for substantial resource savings. By reducing dirt adhesion, not only is the efficiency of rails and signals enhanced, but also the lifespan of your vehicles. By investing in the NP® coating, you invest in the sustainable future of your operation.

Persistent protection barrier against wear and weather

Although the NP® layer is incredibly thin and neither visually nor tactilely perceptible, it still offers remarkable durability. The layer adheres firmly to the surface and demonstrates impressive resistance to abrasion even under intense conditions.

The NP® coating represents long-lasting protection that withstands various environmental influences like moisture, dryness, and freeze-thaw cycles. Its properties remain constant, unaffected by external factors. The persistent NP® technology provides reliable and permanent protection, contributing to the enhancement of production process efficiency, helps to reduce maintenance costs, and simultaneously contributes to environmental protection.


“After coating with NP®, the clean room (walls and floor) and the outer surfaces of machines have only been cleaned with hot water without the addition of cleaning agents. We are very satisfied with the microbiological tests available so far..”

Dipl. Ing. A. K., Head of production/technology in the food industry

“You can protect the health of your staff and your customers – thanks to the reduced use of chemical cleaning agents when cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces. The considerable reduction of germ contamination also gives consumers more savety during consumption of their products.”

OEM manufacturer of production machines in the food sector

Benefits of the NP® technology

Product safety​

Improved hygiene in production not only leads to higher quality of your products but also increased safety. Additionally, fewer maintenance-related downtimes ensure more reliable adherence to schedules and more efficient planning of production processes. Thus, higher hygiene standards not only ensure flawless products but also contribute to smoother and more efficient operations.

Hygiene at contact points

The functional NP® surface refinement is suitable for various materials, from storage rooms and containers to machines in industrial food processing. It imparts these surfaces with antimicrobial and non-stick properties and is proven suitable for direct contact with food. With the NP® technology, your operation becomes not only more efficient but also more hygienic.

Health and safety of employees

The benefits of NP® technology are not limited to improving hygiene at contact surfaces. By using it, fewer chemical cleaning agents are required, leading to reduced emission of harmful vapors. This contributes to the improvement of the health and safety of your employees and simultaneously creates a more environmentally friendly working environment.

Protection of your resources

Thanks to the reduced adhesion of dirt and microorganisms, the care of surfaces with the NP® technology becomes simpler and requires significantly less water. This conserves valuable resources like freshwater, time, and personnel. Simultaneously, it reduces wastewater production, thereby minimising disposal effort.

Protection against moisture

In industrial manufacturing, moisture can lead to several undesirable outcomes, such as damage to goods, corrosion of machines, and increased mold formation. With the NP® barrier coating, surfaces become resistant to water, oil, and fats, enhancing the safety of your products and the health of your employees.

Protection against microorganisms

Bacteria and other microorganisms prefer surfaces for their growth that offer favorable conditions, particularly thin water films. There they multiply and usually feed on dead organic matter. The advanced NP® coating intervenes here: It equips surfaces with effective resistance against dirt and moisture and forms an effective barrier that denies bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms access to their livelihoods. Through this innovative technology, the risk of germ and virus spread is significantly minimised.

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