Part 3: Innovation

Those who appreciate the innovative capacity of nature, have respect for the environment.

Nowadays business organisations can no longer afford to act without being respectful towards the environment. There are many instances of under-researched technologies having a negative impact on our environment.

This is not the case with nanopool® technology. From the very beginning, we have made it our job to look after the world we live in.
This of course involves using our technology to treat the environment with care, thus we are able to make our contribution to sustainable protection of valuable resources. Our extensive independent testing program proves that the safety of our clients always comes first.

Our technology is based on pure quartz glass, which is a completely natural compound. The ultra thin nano-scale “liquid glass” coatings which we create were honoured with interationally rewarded environmental awards for saving natural ressources. And so, with nanopool® the cycle of nature is enhanced. Our surface treatments are awarded, physiologically harmless, kind to the skin and food safe. Additionally they are free of fluorocarbons and are non-cytotoxic.

nanopool® – holistic and sustainable.