The solution for all those who no longer want to choose between hygiene and sustainability

Die grünen Helden® stand for more sustainability and hygiene in professional and private life. At Nanopool, we are committed to protecting people and the environment by reinventing hygiene and safety – without compromise!

Modern products and services should not force customers to choose between environmental protection and hygiene, but should integrate both aspects into a holistic approach. Die Grünen Helden® offer environmentally friendly solutions that preserve both products and the environment by combining safety and sustainability.

Why are Die grünen Helden® so environmentally friendly?


Our solutions are based on a completely natural mineral that does not harm nature, humans, or animals. The NP® protective layer can be fully returned to the natural cycle!


Our protective layer gives all surfaces new properties that make them more durable. In the long term, this means less waste, less resource consumption, and less energy for producing new products.


The repellent NP® Liquid-Glass Technology enables resource-efficient cleaning. Often, a cloth and warm water are sufficient to remove dirt and germs safely, reducing water and chemical consumption significantly.


NP®-treated products, such as safe and fully biodegradable paper packaging, replace conventional environmentally damaging plastic products. This can significantly reduce plastic waste without any drawbacks.

Natural and efficient functionality

The Nanopool surface protection is based on environmentally friendly minerals that form ultra-thin layers through a natural physical process. These layers, 500 times thinner than a human hair, individually coat each fibre without covering the entire surface. This preserves the characteristics of the treated materials entirely.

Thus, the properties of the refined materials remain completely intact:

The surface retains its natural feel, appearance, and flexibility. The NP® Liquid-Glass technology is an innovative coating developed to protect surfaces from pollution and damage caused by water, oil, dirt, and microorganisms. These repellent properties prevent unwanted substances and microorganisms from adhering to the surface, leading to easier cleaning and increased durability.

The protective barrier can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including organic and inorganic materials. This makes it suitable for a broad range of applications, such as households, vehicles, industrial facilities, or even medical facilities.

The NP® Liquid-Glass Technology has been awarded for:

The NP® Liquid-Glass Technology is designed to be safe for humans in its application. It contains no harmful chemicals and is non-toxic, making it safe to use.

The NP® Liquid-Glass Technology is non-toxic, meaning that it poses no health risks to humans or animals. It is thus environmentally friendly and safe for use in various environments.

As the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology prevents dirt and contamination from adhering, surface cleaning can be faster and more efficient. This can significantly reduce water consumption during cleaning, contributing to environmental protection.



From the beginning, the products from Nanopool stood out due to their effectiveness, which was proven, confirmed, and awarded by experts from various scientific disciplines despite the gentle processes used.

Investigations and practical tests, evaluations by accredited institutes, as well as numerous awards document the quality of the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology.

The awards include innovation, business, and environmental awards such as the Green Apple, the Green Hero, the Frost & Sullivan Award, the NHS Smart Solutions Award, the Federal Winner Award in the Science category of “Land der Ideen”, as well as recently the CFI Award for “Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020” and the Golden Green World Award 2020.


Green Future

To explore new applications for a more conscious approach to hygiene and the environment, we conduct research with curiosity and a futuristic outlook. One of our latest innovations is our solution for sustainable packaging: the proven NP® Liquid-Glass Technology provides natural raw materials such as paper and cellulose with food-safe, superphobic, and stabilising properties without affecting the compostability of the packaging. “A revolutionary breakthrough for the packaging industry,” as the jury of the CFI Awards stated when awarding the “Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020” award. Whether for food, cosmetics, or building materials – with NP®, tons of plastic waste can be avoided in the future. Another important step towards a more sustainable future.

*With this logo, we want to show that we are a customer of the Grüne Punkt system and thus want to fulfill our obligations for system participation according to the Packaging Act.