Nanopool® Company, National winner of the contest “365 places in the land of ideas ”

On Thursday 24th November 2011, the Saarland company, Nanopool®, situated in Hülzweiler was named the overall national winner in the contest “365 places in the land of Ideas ”. This is in recognition of its tremendous battle against dangerous Hospital germs. This award organised by the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas ” honours the inventiveness and the ingenuity of companies and research institutions in Germany under the patronage of the Federal President Christian Wulff. There were 2,600 applications for the 2011 contest.

Finally, the global acting Nanopool® won over other projects from the Cologne Max-Planck-Institute for neurological research and the Oberhausen Fraunhofer-Institute for environmental and safety technology.

Liquid Glass against hospital germs

Nanopool® invented a liquid solution based on glass to treat surfaces in hospitals and retirement homes to reduce germs. Therefore Nanopool® was voted for the best project in the category “Science”, by an expert-jury of 20 members including Professor Michael Hüther, Director of the Institute of German Economy. Due to this antimicrobial refinement, the spread of germs, e.g. on bedside tables, door handles, floorings or hospital beds can be inhibited. The efficiency of the technology has been proved by long-term studies.

“For us, this award means honour and incentive at the same time,” Nanopool®’s General Manager Sascha Schwindt says. “Inline with the contest’s motto, we would like to encourage people to realise outstanding ideas in favour of making Germany fit for the future.”