Nanopool lead the way in consumer safety

Studies over many years confirm that Nanopool products do not cause cell or tissue toxicity.

Recent alarming reports about nano technology ignore the fact that not all nano technology
uses potentially dangerous nano particles, as Dieter Schwindt explains…

Hülzweiler / NP head office: “Consumers can be sure that neither humans nor the environment suffer damage from our products”. This clarification is provided by Nanopool GmbH of Hülzweiler (Saarland) in response to the general warning published by the Umweltbundesamt at the end of October which suggested that there is as yet too little knowledge about the impact of nanomaterials on the environment and their potential health risks for humans. “Since the foundation of our company we have considered it our duty to thoroughly investigate this new technology before it is used on surfaces and in a wide range of environments because we have a profound responsibility to protect the environment and those who use our technology”. Dieter Schwindt, Nanopool GmbH founder.

The warning concerning nanotechnology and nano particles in particular, (which has been qualified in the meantime), calls for a clear differentiation, says Mr Schwindt. NP technology is not based on the use of engineered nano particles and the technology is recognised as being “particle free”. Surfaces can be protected with ultra-thin layers, based on liquid glass, against undesired impact from outside. Mr Schwindt explains that “Furthermore our products are ideal for the use in households and in the food industry , especially areas such as butcheries, bakeries, restaurants, canteen kitchens and food stores because they contribute to fulfilling the strict HACCP guidelines of the European Union food hygiene regulations.” Only a few weeks ago, Nanopool GmbH reported on this subject on the International Workshop of Food Inspectors in Berlin “Food Safety – Responsibility in the field of Consumer Protection”.

Sascha Schwindt, CEO of Nanopool GmbH, adds that “since the start of our business, renowned institutes had been ordered to carry out a series of tests in order to prove that Nanopool products comply with the ISO 10993 1-12 standard, i.e. the products are fully biocompatible and therefore also especially suited for use in the medical field.” This applies in particular to coated implants, which have to remain for prolonged periods within the human body. Here maximum safety of the patients can be guaranteed as Prof. Dr. med. Klosterhalfen (clinical centre of Düren) confirms that Nanopool products do not cause cell or tissue toxicity.

Another advantage of Nanopool technology is that no aggressive chemical cleaning agents need to be used for the cleaning of refined surfaces, which leads to considerable savings in cleaning expenses as well as to an economical consumption of valuable resources. This extraordinary contribution to environmental protection and to sustainability is the reason why Nanopool GmbH has been honoured more than once in the previous years with internationally recognized environmental awards.

consumer safetyNanopool lead the way in consumer safety