NP® Anti-soiling System

For leather and imitation leather

The NP® ANTI-SOILING SYSTEM from nanopool GmbH creates functional layers for a gently and pore-deep removal of discolouration caused by denim jeans and different staining substances such as orange juice, cola, coffee, tomato ketchup and pen from smooth and imitation leather and provides easy cleaning.

ketchup anti-soiling
jeans anti-soiling
cola anti-soiling

Application area

Furniture industry, gastronomy, hotel industry, leather bags, briefcases and accessories such as leather belts, leather wallets, leather filofax etc.


Easy-to-clean effect on smooth and imitation leather surfaces, hydrophobicity and oleophobicity, the surface appearance remains unchanged, no changes in haptic, skin-friendly, food-safe

Easy removal of discolouration caused by denim jeans with NP® Remover/surfactant cleaner:

NP anti-soiling system - Removal of Jeans discoloration 2

Before cleaning

Solving of discolouration caused by denim jeans

Residue-free removal

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