Office Home Hygiene

Sustainable cleanliness & hygiene

Whether in the office, in public management or at home: An environment that is hygienically free of adhering dirt and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or harmful mould spores creates security and a feel-good atmosphere. Clean surfaces, floors, walls and furniture are not only part of a pleasant overall picture, especially in places with regular passenger traffic such as offices, schools or open-plan offices, but above all the interruption of smear infections by germs is of the utmost importance.

No matter if it’s a surface made of plastic, metal, glass, wood or textiles: With the long-lasting NP® surface functionalization, neither dirt nor germs can adhere, so that both hygiene is improved and the cleaning effort is significantly reduced at the same time.

Office & Administration:

Computer keyboards, telephone systems or shared kitchen appliances at the workplace are just as popular a playground for pathogens as are door handles, reception desks or elevator buttons in public buildings. With the antimicrobial repellent NP® coating, germs no longer adhere and do not multiply.

Furniture and furnishings:

Whether in the waiting area of public buildings, at home in the living room, in a hotel or bus: When it comes to hygiene safety, furniture, carpets, curtains and other furnishings play a central role. The NP® protection offers a long-lasting barrier against dirt and germs on both textiles and solid surfaces.

Cleaning efficiency:

On the one hand, the repellent properties of the NP® surface functionalization reduce the cleaning time and, on the other hand, they even enable easy cleaning of all surfaces without any chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. This also conserves the valuable resource of fresh water and reduces the amount of waste water.

Outdoor area:

Stone, wood, glass, ceramics and metal outdoors are exposed to the special challenges of rain, snow and the resulting mould. Wooden elements in the outdoor area in particular must also be protected against pests efficiently and at the same time in an environmentally friendly manner. With NP® you can do this permanently and reliably.

Durability and environmental protection into one

The NP® barrier coating protects the environment and resources in multiple aspects: Surfaces are more resistant and therefore more durable, meaning that furnishings and equipment need to be replaced less often. At the same time, cleaning can be done with less need for the resources of water, time and cleaning agents.

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IT Hardware

Computer keyboards and touch screens are among the most well-known collection points for bacteria and germs. In addition to the visible dirt that settles on IT devices and other surfaces in the workplace, it is above all the invisible microorganisms that pose a health risk for users. The ultra-thin NP® protective layer makes surfaces repellent to dirt and pathogens.


The NP® coating functionalizes both the fixed parts of furniture such as plastic armrests, wooden table tops or metal legs and the textile surfaces of upholstered furniture in such a way that neither liquid or oily nor powdery or solid dirt can adhere to them. Cleaning is easy with a cloth and warm water. In this way, furniture stays beautiful for longer, both visually and in terms of deep hygiene.

Outdoor area

The outdoor area of buildings – whether business premises or private houses – is constantly exposed to great challenges due to rain, snow, high humidity, but also UV radiation. Exterior walls and outdoor furniture need reliable and long-lasting protection against these natural influences, which the NP® barrier coating provides without changing the look and feel of the surfaces.

Germ and virus protection

Viruses, germs and harmful bacteria settle on all kinds of surfaces, multiply and are spread more and more through contact with hands, but ironically also with cleaning clothes and sponges. The NP® coating for a wide range of materials prevents both stubborn adhesion and the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, thus significantly increasing hygiene safety at work and at home.

Dirt protection

If it’s spilled liquids, dirt particles from the air or even ballpoint pens and permanent markers: The repellent properties that the ultra-thin barrier layer gives surfaces made of metal, plastic, textiles, glass, wood, stone and other substrates are so powerful that a quick and effective cleaning is even possible without chemical agents, just with water. This not only saves resources during cleaning, but also keeps surfaces in a new condition for longer.

Moisture protection

Indoors as well as outdoors, moisture can lead to undesirable results in many ways: weathering of wooden or plastic patio furniture, mould growth and water stains are just a few examples. With the NP® protective barrier, surfaces are given repellent properties against water and water vapor without the surfaces being sealed. Maintaining breathability makes a relevant difference to conventional coatings, especially for natural materials.