Physical protection of wood against pests (termites)

Worldwide, termites cause considerable damages on timber and buildings.

The huge danger of damages by termites is that they are often noticed very late. The affected wood appears unharmed on the outside although it is eaten up on the inside. The alleys made by the termites make wooden constructions not only instable but also promote the development of rot and fungae growth in the wood.

Worldwide, there are nearly 2900 breeds of termites, especially common in tropical and sub-tropical countries, in Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.

Encouraged by the climate change and the globalisation, insects spread with great speed also in North America and Europe. Also in Germany, the reports about termite damage become more frequent.

Once the wood is affected, only chemical agents help for complete insect control. No matter if they are insecticides, contact poisons, stomach poisons, development inhibitors or bait procedures, all those measures contain biocides which can have a harmful impact to the environment and human.

The most successful termite control is prevention. In this case, the physical protection from Nanopool® offers a biocide-free alternative to conventional chemical barriers, injections with termicides directly into the wood or bait traps with stomach poisons.

The variously awarded high-tech  product “made in Germany” protects the wood against pests (termites) through a physical barrier without additional biocides (poisonous substances).