Below you can see an excerpt of the worldwide published press reports about the Nanopool innovations:

Ceylon Today:
“Nano protection for Queen Victoria”

“Plastic-free barrier coating for food packaging”

neue verpackung, Nachhaltigkeitsspecial:
“Food-safe barrier layer without plastic”

cfi Capital Finance International:
“NP Liquid Glass Coating: A Game Changer”

Visions for Europe:
“Interview with Sascha Schwindt for SDG #15”

“NP® coating of the tram of the Saarbrücken football club 1.FCS”

The Independent:
“The miracle spray-on glass that stops the bugs”

Die Welt:
“The cup that rinses itself”

“Stone protection without compromise”

Cleanroom Technology:
“Protective coatings”

The Independent:
“The spray-on miracle that could revolutionise manufacturing”

Saarbrücker Zeitung:
“Successful fight against germs”

architettura & design:
“Residenza Grand Palace”

Salzburger Nachrichten:
“Layer against dirt and bacteria”

Salzburger Nachrichten:
“Cleaning is done with water only”

Saarbrücker Zeitung:
“Away with the dirt”

KHC Netzwerk:
“Prevent mites and germ growth in a natural way”

“Technology from Saarland protects Atatürk’s mausoleum from decay”

Deutsche Bank:
“Land of Ideas”

Deutschlands innovative Seiten:
“Ein Hidden Champion”

“Innovation Liquid Glass”

Cleanroom Technology:
“Biofilm resistant nano surfaces”

KHC Netzwerk:
“Glass and ceramic finishing”