NP® Liquid-Glass Technology as Private Label

Create your premium product using the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology under your own label. The process is incredibly simple:

  • Select your desired product from the wide range of the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology.
  • Then, choose your preferred bottle size and your individual label design.
  • Add your company logo – and just like that, your own brand series is ready!

Whether in specialist retail or in industry:

With the private label from the NP® Liquid-Glass Technology, you acquire multiple award-winning products in the field of nanotechnology surface finishing.

Because here the motto is: Your name, your product, top quality.

NP Private Label Service

Why should you choose Nanopool's Private Label?

High-quality products in your individual design not only strengthen your brand but also remain in your customers’ memory. You get the chance to gradually expand your product portfolio, without needing expensive self-developments, elaborate product tests or the establishment of your own production and storage facility. With the innovative NP® Liquid-Glass Technology, you receive top products for finishing, tailored to your needs.

Product development - For your success!

We offer you high-quality laboratory and marketing services, coupled with innovation. From recipe development to support in choosing packaging and designing labels, we are your competent partner.

Product manufacturing - Because the right recipe is crucial!

As a modern manufacturer, we produce your products strictly adhering to all quality standards. Regarding production quantities, we are extremely flexible and can individually cater to your requirements from 50 ml to 25 liters (wholesale: 1000 litres containers). Our in-house production enables us maximum flexibility and efficiency.


Our qualified team guarantees you first-class quality in production and filling. As a DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we develop innovative and future-oriented solutions that impress with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Select the right package for you:


We offer you already finished product lines in appealing packaging. Your finished product is just waiting for your label!


  • Smallest minimum order quantities
  • Minimal time expenditure
  • Low incidental costs

Do you want to launch your own Liquid-Glass series on the market? Our ready-made product lines are already filled and just waiting for your individual labels to be ready for sale! All of this is quick and cost-efficient, as you incur no development costs. Choose from different product lines for household, outdoor, car care and more.


We offer you a multitude of ready-made basic formulas, which can be individually adapted to your needs.


  • Small minimum order quantities
  • Minimal time expenditure
  • High customisation possibilities

Do you want to quickly turn your individual ideas into a Liquid-Glass series? Our multitude of basic recipes can be individually tailored to your wishes. The same applies to the packaging: Choose from our wide range or provide us with your preferred packaging.


Our experienced laboratory team supports you in developing products that exactly meet your requirements.


  • Maximum degree of customisation
  • Specifically tailored to your target group

Do you want to develop unique formulations? Our experienced laboratory team supports you in developing products that exactly meet your requirements. We also advise and accompany you during product tests and/or certifications.

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