Part 4: Responsability

Competence comes from knowledge – we are happy to share our knowledge

What could be more important than bringing a versatile, environmentally friendly technology to the consumer market. A technology which helps to preserve our planet for generations to come.

We believe that by sharing knowledge and experience we are able to inform a wider range of groups and individuals. We believe that the benefits and advantages of nanotechnology should be available to everyone but in order to use the technology efficiently one has to develop technical understanding and practical skills.

With the introduction of a certified training course (IHK – Chamber of Commerce and Industry) we have created a platform for a global transfer of innovation in the field of nanotechnology. Our intention is to foster a solid professional training program and to make a significant contribution to the structural change in global economies.

To us, user safety is always our top priority and this factor, linked to our need to guarantee the benefits of our technology, is one of the reasons why we encourage the sharing of our knowledge.

nanopool® – sharing knowledge for a brighter future.