Stone protection

Properties of the NP® coating for stone surfaces

The NP® stone coatings, taylor-made for mineral surfaces, do not derogate the natural characteristics such as water absorption, diffusion permeability and thermal insulation. Additional valuable properties such as:

  • Unlimited diffusion permeable
  • Antifouling (algae and mold) without algicide/fungicide
  • Graffiti protection
  • Protection against aggressive environmental influences
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Durable effect proven also after 100 frost-thaw test cycles / frost- de-icing salt test cycles

can be easily and effortless achieved and thus contribute to the preservation of the value of buildings. Public buildings and facades obtain additional protection. Memorials and old buildings worth to obtain value can get comprehensive protection and can be cleaned off with mild cleaning agents.

Application fields of the stone coating

The NP® stone protection is suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor applications and can be specially adapted to customer requirements.

Indoor applications:

  • Stone floors
  • Marble
  • Protection against the adhesion of mold on plaster walls, ceilings and joints

External applications:

  • Terrace / garden
  • Facade (clinker, plaster, natural stone, concrete)
  • Fiber cement boards
  • Public areas, railway stations, etc.
  • Tunnel walls
  • Monuments and landmarks
  • Roofs

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