The solution for everyone who no longer wants to choose between hygiene and sustainability

More sustainability and hygiene in everyday professional and private life – these are the central goals of “the green heroes”. The protection of people and the environment is what we at Nanopool have committed ourselves to. We are rethinking hygiene and safety – without compromises!

Modern products and services can no longer give customers a choice between environmental protection and hygiene, but rather have to pursue these tasks in a holistic approach. The solutions of the green heroes protect both products and the environment with an approach that combines safety and sustainability.

What is it that makes the Green Heroes so environmentally friendly?


Our solutions are based on a completely natural mineral that does not harm nature, humans or animals. The NP® protective layer can completely be returned into the natural cycle!


Our protective layer gives surfaces of all kinds new properties that make them more durable. In the long term, this means: Less waste, fewer raw materials, less energy for manufacturing new products.


The repellent NP® protective layer enables easy and resource-saving cleaning. A cloth and warm water often are enough to safely remove dirt and germs from surfaces! This significantly reduces water consumption and the use of chemicals.


NP®-coated products such as safe and completely degradable paper packaging replace conventional, environmentally unfriendly products made of plastic. Plastic waste can thus be significantly reduced without any disadvantages.

Natural and efficient functionality

Surface protection by Nanopool is based on biologically harmless minerals that form ultra-thin layers as a result of a natural physical process. Five hundred times thinner than a human hair, this does not cover the coated surface as a whole, but rather envelops each fiber individually.

This means that the properties of the protected materials are fully maintained:

The surface retains its natural feel, appearance and flexibility. However, due to the repellent properties of the NP® protective barrier, water, oil, dirt and microorganisms can no longer adhere.

This works on almost every imaginable surface – organic as well as inorganic.


From the beginning, Nanopool products have been recognizable by the fact that their effectiveness has been proven, confirmed and awarded by experts from various scientific disciplines, and that‘s despite the gentle processes!

Investigations and practical tests, reports from accredited institutes as well as numerous awards document the quality of the NP® technology.

The awards include innovation, business and environmental prizes such as the Green Apple, the Green Hero, the Frost & Sullivan Award, the NHS Smart Solutions Award, national winner in the science category of Land der Ideen („land of ideas“) and, most recently, the CFI Award as „ Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020 and the golden Green World Award 2020.

Green future

In order to develop new areas of application for a more conscious handling of hygiene and the environment, we are constantly researching with a great thirst for knowledge and a vision of the future.

One of our latest innovations is our solution for sustainable packaging: The tried and tested NP® protective layer gives natural raw materials such as paper food-safe, superphobic and stabilizing properties without affecting the compostability of the packaging. „A revolutionary breakthrough for the packaging industry“, as the jury of the CFI Awards judged during the award ceremony for the „Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020“ award.

Whether it‘s for food, cosmetics or building materials – with NP® tons of plastic waste can be avoided in the future. Another important step towards a more sustainable life.