Part 6: Sustainability

Green Apple Nachhaltigkeit/Sustainability

Nature shows us what intelligent use of the earth’s resources really means

“Active protection of the environment” continues to be defined as “avoiding and doing without”. Nature, however, shows us by its perfect recycling management (cradle-to-cradle), how ecological efficacy really works. Humankind is not yet capable of producing any technology which is completely eco neutral, however, the application of our surface treatment products significantly reduce the need for cleaning chemicals and water usage, which is recognised as being massively beneficial. Additionally, items coated with our technology remain serviceable for longer and this offers savings in terms of energy and demand on natural resources, as the items in question do not have to replaced, transported and recycled. Clearly the use of nanopool technology has a positive ecological impact, and it undoubtedly enhances sustainability.

One can see why the technology is often compared with the butterfly’s wing effect. The only difference is that the benefits of nanopool® technology are clearly measurable. The butterfly’s wing effect is based on the concept that a small event can stimulate a much more significant event, just as is the case with nanopool® coatings. The use of nanopool® technology involves a measurable reduction of CO2 emission.

For example:
5ml of nanopool®-liquid protects one auto windshield for one year. The CO2 used to transport the product is noted as X. The CO2 cost to transport 5ml of nanopool®-liquid is therefore 1X. Windscreen cleaning liquids are usually sold in 5 litre containers for 6-12 months usage.
The CO2 cost to transport the windscreen liquid is 1000 X. Therefore the use of nanopool®-liquid reduces the CO2 transport emissions by 999 X.
This is just one small example of how nanopool® helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Thankfully we offer the same level of CO2 savings in the home, in the office, in agricultural settings and in industrial environments.

nanopool® really is changing the way we live!