This is how we protect the environment – twice!

Even the most innovative products and the most efficient techniques will still not lead businesses anywhere if they work at the cost of the most important resource we have:

The world we live in!

We at nanopool have been aware of this fact long before the worldwide discussions on climate targets began to shake up both politics and economy.

While many companies are now hopping on this “environment-train” and are busy covering their processes, products and thus their company’s image with a dazzling emerald green cape, our NP-solutions have been sustainable and eco-friendly long before others even thought about this topic.

Which company would you trust?
Right from the beginning, nanopool has been awarded with environmental prizes and certificates like the Green Apple, the Green Hero, or the Green Brands Award 2018/19 and 2020/21, to name only a few of the long list.

How do nanopool’s solutions protect the environment?

Nanopool‘s „green“ approach works on two levels:



The ultra-thin layers of our unique, SiO2-based np-Liquid Glass are free of any harmful substances. Np-Liquid Glass if officially proved to be 100 % biocompatible, which means it can be applied on and even inside of the human body. After its recirculation to nature it is fully biodegradable.

So, our products are completely eco-friendly.



fter coating a surface with np-Liquid Glass vast amounts of cleaner can be saved due to the long-term effect that prevents dirt and microorganisms from adhering persistently as they don’t find enough contact surface anymore. This means, clear water and utensils like a brush or a cloth will usually be enough to clean.

This puts an end to the madness of pouring precious drinking water into buckets where we mix it with cleaner and thus turn it into wastewater within mere seconds!

This is how it works:

NP Liquid Glass significantly reduces the adherence of microorganisms and dirt so that less cleaner and chemicals are needed.

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