Tauern Tunnel is given a surface finish using NP® liquid glass technology

New protection reduces the fees for cleaning and brings more safety in traffic

Hülzweiler/Austria. After the refurbishment, the old Tauern tunnel tube is opened again! For faster and more effective cleaning and as protection against dirt and environmental influences, several thousand square meters of the tunnel wall were finished by NP-Liquid Glass Technology.

Already since 2007, the ASFINAG Ltd. uses the “Liquid Glass” from Nanopool® for finishing the tunnel walls. Even before the Tauern tunnel, the NP-Liquid Glass Technology was applied on the Tanzenberg tunnel in Bruck at the Mur, on the epoxy layers in the Kirchdorf tunnels and on the concrete inner shells in the Massenberg tunnel.

The solution is applied with mops. These ones are combined with pressure tanks, which atomise the NP-Liquid Glass. In this way the Solution coats the finest wrinkles and protects also these ones against dirt and water.

For cleaning the tunnels there require no longer chemical cleaners, but only water, whereas the water pressure could be reduced from 130 to 30 bar. The cleaning interval changes from two cleanings per year to ones. This results in a positive environmental aspect next to the higher cost efficiency.

Lower refurbish costs result from the reduced water pressure, while the cleaning process, the omission of cleaners and the salt resistance of NP®-Liquid Glass Technology, because the tunnel surfaces will be more protected.

tauerntunnel-1Tauern Tunnel is given a surface finish using NP® liquid glass technology