Nano protection for Queen Victoria Statue

Nano protection for Queen Victoria


A thin film of glass now protects the 116-year-old marble statue of Queen Victoria, standing on the Colombo Museum grounds, over its surface.

This new conservation method was done using Nano technology and was  supervised by a senior conservationist.

Several conservation methods have been used in the past to preserve this marble statue and the last one on record seems to have been a thick coat of white paint.

However, this method was not proved effective on the long term, hence the need for a new conservation technique to be brought in. The Nano protection was handled by Eco·Corp Asia, a Sri Lankan company who uses Nanopool, a stretchable liquid glass made from Nano technology.

The protection was done with the assistance of Kamal Zoysa, the senior conservationist from Galle. The Nanopool layer is a transparent skin – 500 times thinner than human hair – which will protect the statue from rain, fungus and acids. The new Nanopool layer also helps in its cleaning process preventing the statue from absorbing any stains.
Pix Nuwan Amarawansa