NP® Liquid Glass Systems solves our maintenance problem in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way

For many years, dirt and algae growth has been a big challenge to the maintenance of our buildings, especially on facades, balconies and balustrades.

This outstanding building, in the heart of Co. Wicklow, in a fabulous location, had to struggle with unpleasant algae growth on the splendid balconies and balustrades again and again in the past. The cleaning effort was enormous and had to be carried out every few months.

Our partner, NP® Liquid Glass Systems Ltd in Ireland, provided the eagerly awaited solution. At first, dirt and algae were thoroughly removed and subsequently, the breathable stain protection manufactured by Nanopool was applied on the cleaned surfaces.

This special coating provides not only a water-repellent effect to reduce the damp penetration of the construction material by driving rain of the famous Irish climate, but also reduces the adhesion of algae on stone, concrete and render so that the appearance of the façade is not altered. This coating is also suitable for historic buildings due to its breathability and as it will not change the texture nor colour of the surface.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Reduced penetration of water
  • Adhesion of algae is highly reduced
  • Atmospheric pollution no longer appears on the construction material
  • And, the surfaces are easy to clean and to maintain without chemical agents

The balconies and balustrades look as new.

Customer statement:

“Over the past years our balconies and facades had become badly stained and needed cleaning. We wanted a long term solution to our maintenance problem and NP® Liquid Glass Systems provided that solution for us. We are delighted with the results of the cleaning and protection provided and the professional manner in which it was carried out. We look forward to years of low maintenance and easy cleaning of our balconies and facades thanks to protective coating provided by NP® Liquid Glass Systems.”


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